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    Name:  Jamaican Sunset - Schroeder - Compressed.jpg
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    Jamaican Sunset captures the true essence of the country with vibrant locals amidst a beautiful sunset.

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    Default Couples Tower Isle ~ July 13-July20

    Name:  026.jpg
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Size:  295.4 KBName:  092.jpg
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Size:  287.4 KBName:  051.jpg
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Size:  294.8 KBMy beautiful wife on Tower Isle pier., My wife on the beach. And the resorts furry friends hiding in the bushes!

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    Our first (but definitely not last) trip to Couples Negril July 2013
    Name:  clouds4small.jpg
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    Couples Sans Souci: The Best In All Inclusive Food, Drinks, & Crackers
    Name:  2011-10-27 jamaica sony h5 112.jpg
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    Couples Sans Souci: Natures Beauty Only Steps Away
    Name:  2011-10-27 jamaica sony h5 020.jpg
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    Couples Sans Souci: Made For All Types Of Lovebirds
    Name:  2011-10-27 jamaica sony h5 113.jpg
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    At CSA 2013 for our 22nd Anniversary.... missing home already!

    Name:  csa4.jpg
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    CSA Panoramic View

    Name:  csa5.jpg
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    Sushi on the beach?!

    Name:  csa6.jpg
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    Storming on the CAT Cruise!

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    we had awesome time on our honeymoon in couple Barbados ,unforgettable experience of first Caribbean holidays, loved it!!

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    only three words says it all...............Magical , Romantic & beautiful

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    Name:  155727_466711216869_5307438_n.jpg
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Size:  47.7 KB A beautiful sunset on the beach at Couples Swept Away after we go married!!

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    Default A beautiful heavenly scene from 7 Mile Beach at Couples Swept Away

    Name:  544760_10151227571646870_961828870_n.jpg
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    The most beautiful Sunset in all of Jamaica! Couples Sans Souci our new home Name:  IMG_0417.jpg
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    No better spot to park myself for a relaxing day! Name:  IMG_0423.jpg
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    Not a bad view in the place, Couples San Souci, our new home away from home Name:  IMG_0455.jpg
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    Default Gorgeous!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bamacpl View Post
    Summer storm during our first trip to Couples Negril
    Attachment 20815
    Just as I remember it....thank you for the photo. It is perfect.

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    Name:  Bayside.jpg
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Size:  148.0 KB What an amazing sight!

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    4th of July 2013 at CN
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default pICTURE

    Name:  BALCONY.jpg
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Size:  186.2 KB am balcony view Name:  towwer.jpg
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Size:  84.3 KB view from top of tower Name:  WAVE.JPG
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Size:  228.5 KB waves at tower island

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    Name:  DSCF0020.JPG
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    Beautiful Jamaican sunset from Couples Swept Away, taken on my birthday.

    Name:  photo.jpg
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    Panorama of Couples Swept Away, taken from the water. (Full size available)

    Name:  IMG_3407.JPG
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    Ring, Ring, Ring, Jamaican Ring! Get your Ring Tone Here!

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    WATCH VIDEO: Laura & PJ - Couples Swept Away - Negril, Jamaica - YouTube

    Name:  20130718_132825.jpg
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    Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at CSA? ; )

    Name:  20130725_100802.jpg
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    Visions of palm trees at Couples Swept Away.

    Name:  Sunset (4) - Copy (443x800).jpg
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    Beautiful reflections in the wata at CSA.

    WATCH VIDEO: Laura & PJ - Couples Swept Away - Negril, Jamaica - YouTube

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    Since this will be the last one:

    Jamaican Sax 2013
    Name:  image.jpg
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    Sunset Beach @ dusk
    Name:  image.jpg
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    CSS humming bird
    Name:  image.jpg
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    Jim & Diane

    COR/CTI 08, 10
    CN 09, 12
    CSS 11, 13, 14, soon to be 15

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    The only way to top off the perfect Couples Tower Isle wedding!Name:  IMG_0459.jpg
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    Default CN in July

    We had a wonderful time at the 3rd annual Red, White and Blue Celebration at CN.Name:  image.jpg
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    Name:  JD and me 1.jpg
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Size:  190.0 KBDuring our 4th of July Celebration at CN, we had a flamingo race which was created to raise money for a children's home in Jamaica.
    First flamingo to make it to the bar wins. Lots of money raised for a good cause and a fun time was had by all.

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    Name:  201_0092.jpg
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    Michele & Anthony married at COR 2000, Diana & Buddy married at COR 2001 and Nicky & Gia (newbies) and Michele's (my daughter) son from previous marrriage and my Grandson! 3 generations loving Couples!!!! July 2013

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    Name:  145_zps5734e7e5.jpg
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    Steve at CN looking for a snack.

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    Name:  DSC_0128.jpg
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    Although a storm may be rolling in, the view is still phenomenal!

    Name:  Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 4.49.02 PM.jpg
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    Getting a close-up of the gentle waves rolling onto the shore.

    Name:  DSC_1919.jpg
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    The beautiful crescent moon & Venus shine bright in the colorful night sky over Couples Swept Away.

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