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    Is there anyway I can get the water bottle that's found at cti??? It's the clear, with silver lid and couples logo. I am going to CSA in December.

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    I too wonder why they are only given out at CTI. I do have one though because I did go to CTI, but just saying, should not all the resorts give them out?

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    We got the water bottles at CTI in 2011... Don't know why you would want them. The top and base are both metal. Metal. Sun. High temps. Sand. Huh??? Yeah, the metal gets scorching hot, as does your water. We tossed them. Happy to have the plastic bottles of Wata at CSA!

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    I'm also curious.

    Do they have them, or something like them, in the gift shop at CSA - if they are not given away like at CTI?

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    We were given 2 water bottles wrapped up with a ribbon on arrival in CN because we are repeaters. We loved these bottles and filled them with ice from the coke machines and added water then went for a long watch along the beach. The only thing about them is the logo came off before the end of our 2 week trip.

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    Don't know why you would toss them. We put them away and use them at home! i have a bunch I should put them on ebay

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    Woodbridge...we live in South Florida, so the same hot bottles in Jamaica are hot here. Also, prefer a bottle with a built in straw.

    Brandy, I don't recall seeing them in the CSA logo shop.

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    Let us know if you do put them on ebay, so we can go get em.

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