As the above thread was closed, I wanted to chime in so am starting a new thread. As a repeater to CSA (we go twice a year) I'd like to comment as follows:

1. You chose to go to a tropical location during hurricane season and experienced rain every day. I'm (not) shocked It's the tropics. It rains. Daily. We go in April and late October to avoid hurricanes and a lot of rain.

2. As everyone else said, you had sand flea bites, not bed bugs. Couples prides themselves on cleanliness, and we've never experienced bed's never appeared on the boards, either.

3. Agree with others; you probably had tummy aches from the daily jerk, or other foods you're not accustomed to. The culinary team at CSA is fabulous!

4. Omelette lines are long at every restaurant stateside or out of country...we had breakfast early and got in line early if we wanted an omelette. Simple.

5. To get the Feathers experience, I'd have opted to take a time slot on any other night during my stay and not just limit myself to one night. I like having a 3,4,8 day birthday

The person who said "your vacation is what you make of it" said it best..... we'll be back in 94 days!