Our first trip was two years ago, and we purposely scheduled our trip for the same days in July so we could meet up with couples we met on that trip. We were impressed to learned on our first visit that repeaters return for years! By the end of our 2011 trip, we knew we would be returning "home" as soon as possible!

This year we had more flexibility on traveling days, so we flew into Montego Bay from Baltimore on a Tuesday, and back on a Wednesday. The Air Tran flight began great when we were surprised with being moved into first class! Travel was great, arrived on time, 1:10, and we flew through immigration. We weren't in the Couples lounge more than 3 minutes before they gathered us and another couple (they were dropped off at CSS). The two hour drive was quick since none of us wanted to stop for the beer and bathroom break. We arrived at CTI, greated warmly by Byron, warm cloth, and rum punch. Our check in process was smooth, along with making reservations for dining nights, and we headed off to our Deluxe Ocean room in building 4. I unpacked all of our belongings, and since it was close to dinner time, I wanted a quick shower before heading down to the buffet. I quickly learned that our bathroom, hall, and into the closet became a shallow wading pool when using the shower.....there was no division, or guard that held back the water into the shower stall. At first we thought, no problem, we'll just put towels down, but after using every towel available, I quickly decided not to spend time mopping up water ,everyday, on vacation. So, Hubby talked to Jamie Ann at the front desk, and she was so helpful finding other options. We were offered a villa, by the spa, (which are beautiful, with private soaking pool!) but I really wanted to hear the ocean as we retired each evening. We ended up in building 1----the rooms are smaller and still going through some renovations, but we enjoyed how private it felt and were very happy.

The rest of our visit, we relaxed and did nothing, and got quite good at it, I might add! Since we did excursions on our first trip, we desired to do a lot of soaking up sun, chatting with repeater friends, meeting new folks, and enjoying the food and entertainment. We did trading places to CSS one day, which was beautiful, but too much climbing of stairs for us on an everyday basis....we'll continue to return to CTI. We enjoyed eating at 8 Rivers twice,and again for repeater's dinner, the Verandah 3 times, but skipped Bayside this year, just not our thing.

***Shout outs to staff that we enjoyed getting to know;
Tamera-Room attendant, Jaimie Ann-Front desk, arranged our room transfer, Kenisha-entertainment,
Maxine-guest service manager, Vernon head of security, Andrew- repeater's dinner, housekeeping,
Garfield-server 8 Rivers, Garfield-server Verandah, Shemika, Beverly at sign up desk, Kirk, Kayla, Byron, Sean, Paul...many others I didn't catch their names.

I brought a large suitcase full of school supplies, for the primary school the resort sponsors. I also gifted several staff with bags of beauty products and chocolate, and given hugs and smiles in return...great folks!

Sooooo, I have to say, the only negative comment I have, is that our bus taking us to the airport on our last day, got a flat tire. The poor bus driver had a jack that didn't work properly, and the spare was bald, with a bubble on the side. He finally flagged down another bus that had the correct jack,,and an hour later, after standing on the side of the highway in the heat, we were back on track. Thankfully, since we travelled in the middle of the week, we arrived at our gate in time for check in.

We've been home a week, and are counting down to next year's trip, 348 days!