My husband and I are going to CSA in just over a week, and I would like to take some small gifts for the staff. It seems almost anything would be appreciated since everything is very expensive there. I'm planning to take some M&M's or something that isn't likely to melt on the way there for the bar, wait, cooks, garden etc staff.

However, for our room staff I'd like to make sure I have something a little extra special. I have a few questions, so I can plan accordingly so no one is left out. I'd also like to do something a little extra for the scuba crew since we'll be doing our checkout dives there.

How many people service a room in one day? (maid, min-bar, and turn-down?)
Is is safe/appropriate to assume that they all (or most) have children?
For children, should I take mostly stuff for children of any particular age?

I've seen recommendations for everything for OTC medications, toys, school supplies, personal care/beauty supplies, and even some clothing items. Should I stick to travel size goods? I was thinking about full size bottles of body lotion.

Thanks for all of your advice in advance! I'm so excited and ready to be there!