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    Default CN and CSS Honeymoon - Help us with a "must do" list! (And Diet Coke)

    We're heading to Jamaica for two wonderful weeks for our honeymoon, starting July 29. First week will be at CSS in a Penthouse Suite, second week will be at CN in a Gardenview Room. I've been scouring the boards for ideas on what excursions we should take, as well as things to do on-site, but would love your recommendations on what has to make it to our "must-do" list. This will be our first time to Jamaica.

    Bonus Question - Do either CN or CSS have Diet Coke available? I couldn't find a good answer to this on the boards. If not, any recommendations near the resorts where we can pick some up, and any comments if the Diet Coke is the same formulation as in the US? (In Mexico there was a "coke light" which was similar to diet coke, but not the same.) I need my fix while in paradise!

    Thanks in advance!

    Stephanie & Tyson

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    I am sure that there will be several answers to this posted today, but here goes. My must do's at CSS is a massage in the Hide-Away treatment hut, it is wonderful. Especially a hot stone massage. As for excurisions, we did not do any while we were there.

    CN, ahhhhh what can I say, everything is great. We have been so many times now, that we just veg on the beach, it is bliss.

    No they do not have Diet Coke, it is Pepsi. And no you can not find true Diet Coke in Jamaica, it is Coke Light, which I thought was awful. I use to be a diehard Diet Coke drinker, but I have to say that after spending 10 days CN, drinking water and what ever the beverage of the day was, i broke my caffiene fix and now I only drink it once in a while. I will suggest Ting and vodak. It is wonderful.
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    You will love the penthouse suite at CSS! Take in a much as you can. It is a lovely, extremely romantic resort!

    They have Coke Light at CSS. I'm not a fan of Diet Coke (I prefer Coke Zero) but it wasn't too bad. Not much you can do about it! As they say....when in Rome.

    And speaking of doing as the Roman's've got to try SSB. Once you'll know.

    Have a great honeymoon!
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    Best wishes to you both! You've planned, what I would consider, the BEST honeymoon!! We've been to both CN and CSS (on separate trips) and loved them both! I would be so excited, one to take a 2 week vacation, and two to stay at my two favorite resorts. First tip, take the tour when you arrive at each, you'll find out what there is to do and where it's at.

    At CSS, you must do the included excursion to Dunn's River Falls. If you don't do it, everyone will ask you why. Honestly, I was scared, so we didn't do it, and we regret it. Oh and bring water shoes, you'll need them for the falls or you'll have to rent them. We also recommend a private dinner ($170 extra) in the wedding gazebo. It was a 3 hour dinner, but a wonderful meal (the lamb was excellent) and a spectacular setting. Check out the drift away, it's a great spot for a massage.

    At CN, we did the catamaran cruise. It's a wonderful adventure and the farthest we got from the resort. They have other off-site excursions available, but we didn't look at any of them. The resort was so beautiful, we didn't want to leave, we just wanted to relax in the sun and play with the activities they had on-site (kayaking, snorkeling, floating in the beautiful bay, and hanging at the pool bar). We had a couples massage in the tree house, and loved it. We booked our trip back to Negril next June, we may venture out more, but we'll be sure to have another private dinner and a massage.

    I can't answer certainly to your question about Diet Coke. I'm a regular Coke drinker, and they had plenty of that for me, and it tasted like regular Coke. So though I'm not certain, I would assume there's Diet Coke. Maybe someone else can confirm?

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    Hello - we just got back from a week at CN. We went on the One Love Bus Crawl and had an amazing time. It isn't a resort sponsored activity. But you can learn more about it on Trip Advisor. I think it's rated #3 of things to do in Negril. Fun and safe, don't miss it!

    Regarding the Diet Coke, the resorts only serve Pepsi products.

    Have a great trip!

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    There are many wonderful things about Jamaica and Couples in particular, but Diet Coke is not among them. While they do have diet cola, it is not like what you are used to in the states. I think (though I'm not certain) that this because they put saccharine in it, not aspartame. You'll probably get sick of it very quickly. I think that this is one of the reasons that people on the MB keep asking for diet Ting.

    You'd do well to get used to something else. I tend to favor club soda, often with a splash of lime juice. The lime juice is sweetened, but it doesn't add enough calories/sugar to matter much ...even though I am diabetic.

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    I will second Dunns River Falls at CSS. Do bring your water shoes. The trip up the falls is amazing and the tour guides really give you personal attention and would appreciate a tip at the end.

    If you are into craft markets there is a large one in the center of Ocho Rios which is near the cruise ships. If you go be prepared to be approached by the locals to buy their merchandise. Best way I have learned is to just "No, respect mon". It is however, a unique experience.

    At CN I second the cateraman trip. It takes you to an area near the cliffs where you will go into a cave. Note that CSS does not have a caterman so take advantage of the one an CN.

    Morning snorkeling is neat as this is when the fish feed. I believe the boat leaves at 9:00.

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    Hi! We loved our trip to Nine Mile the birthplace of Bob Marley and where he is buried! We hired a private driver and loved stopping when and where we wanted. If you are interested, please post your email and I will send you the name of the driver we used! Our trip is coming up, so it may take me a few days to get back to you.

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    From Wikipedia:

    In other countries, in which cyclamates are not banned (as they were in the U.S. in 1970[4][5]), Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Light may be sweetened with a blend containing cyclamates, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium.

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    I think the Chukka Cove zipline tour offered by the tour desk at CSS was great, and pretty much anyone can do it. Since you are going to do both sides of the island, check locations on a map - Appleton would be a much longer trek from CSS than CN, Dunns river would be silly to do from CN.

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    My favorite thing to do at CSS is to take an afternoon and start at the AN beach and work my way around the resort by taking a swim in all of the pools, a dip in all of the hot tubs and getting a drink from each of the bars. Also remember to grab one of the bikes and ride them around the lake.
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