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    Default First Time-- Honeymooners

    After all the research, we decided to go to CSA for our honeymoon, April 5-11, 2010! I am so excited.

    I feel so overwhelmed with all the advice of everyone. It seems to helpful, but I am shocked how much there is to do to enjoy.

    I guess I have a few questions for people that have been multiple times!

    Do you need reservations for dinner? How does dinner exactly work? Do you always need reservations?

    All the excursions that they offer, should you go on those? Should we book other ones?

    I want to get the most out of my experience and enjoy everything possible, but just want advice to do so!


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    First off congrats... on your upcoming wedding, and on your selection of a lovely honeymoon destination... perfect!

    Reservations for dinner are only needed at Feathers and at Lemon Grass. These can be had by calling the front desk or the concierge, or by going to the front desk.

    Otherwise, the Palms is buffet or a-la-cart, and Patois Patio is a-la-carte. Patois Patio is closed Monday evenings for the repeaters' banquet.

    Excursions... the most popular is probably the Sunset Catamaran Cruise, aka the "Booze Cruise". Leaves between 3:30-4:00 pm, and nearly every day,now, I think; sign up at the front desk. The snorkle excursions are also very popular; sign up at watersports shack.

    Golf at Negril Hills is offered twice per day; greens fees are included in your AI; club & cart rental, refreshments and caddy tips (caddies are required) are not.

    These are included in the cost of your AI, but there are other excursions that run from modest (trip to Rick's Cafe, $15pp) to fairly expensive (day trips to Appleton Estate, YSFalls, Mayfield Falls, etc.).

    My suggestion is to not overschedule. You have a relatively short stay, so I'd offer that you should do as many of the inclusives as you can (you'll have plenty of time for those), and if you get bored, book onto some of the extras. Check out the orientation for better, more complete information about this.

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    My husband and I waited to plan anything until the afternoon we arrived.We went on the orientation tour (which I would HIGHLY recommend) and picked up all of the information we could. We planned excursions on the days when the activities on the resort didn't interest us. (ex - we aren't beach volleyball fans... and there was a big tournament) By planning this we we didn't miss the beach buffet (go to this!) and we got reservations/catamaran when we wanted them! It took about 15 minutes and we didn't need to think for the rest of the trip

    I do recommend bringing a cheap watch.. as much as you don't want to look at the time in paradise, you will want it to get to reservations, etc. We were told to bring one..didn't..and regretted it!

    we're jealous!!!


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    Default Our Honeymoon

    Our arrival date in Jamaica mon is May 16, 2010 & our lenght of stay is 9 nights! I am so happy about getting married! We've been told by our friends experience how wonderful it is to be at the Couples Swept Away resort.

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