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    Default Dunns River Falls - attire/personal items

    We are looking forward to seeing the falls and hear that they are amazing. Question: What does one wear for an excursion to the falls? If we bring a wallet and camera where can we safely leave it during the time climbing the falls?

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    Swimsuits and we left our stuff on the bus. You won't need much cash. Just a few bucks for a tip or if you want to go through the shopping area. Its very high pressure! The tip would be for the driver and your guide for the falls will expect one too. I think we gave him $10.

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    Bring a waterproof camera, some money to tip and buy souvenirs at the shop. Leave your wallet in the safe at the resort, the drivers are not responsible for items left on the bus. Don't risk it... Pick up a pair of water shoes somewhere back home. They will make a stop on the way if someone needs to rent them. I think the rental costs about the same as if you bought them back home. Wear your bathing suit and maybe a cover-up which you could leave on the bus. You may want to look for water shoes now before stores start pulling summer items off the shelves.

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    Wear water shoes and a bathing suit. You will be in the water or walking on rocks the whole time. You start at the bottom, in the ocean, and make your way up, holding hands for stability. The whole group acts as a human chain.

    I seem to recall they have lockers to store your wallet but I am not 100% sure. Bring your camera but be careful! The guides will take your picture with your camera at several stops along the way.
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    Wear your bathing suites, and bring water shoes!! If your swim trunks have a pocket, stuff some folded cash in there but do not bring your entire wallet. You will want some money to tip your guide at the end, and there are a BUNCH of aggressive vendors at the end who are trying to sell you souvenirs (we did a good job of avoiding them, although many people like to haggle and will purchase stuff from them). Also, they are filming and taking pictures of your journey and will offer you the pics and video at the end (on a DVD). We only purchased one large photo for $8 + $2 tip. I would not recommend bringing your camera, even if it is waterproof. You will not have many (or any) opportunities to use it because you are busy navigating the rocks and holding hands with the person in front of you and behind you, making a human chain. It's kind of a "team" event where you are helping each other up the falls with balance and stability.
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    You will get wet, so I suggest wearing your swim attire and water shoes. We have gone to Dunn's River twice and we have just thrown some cash for tips in a Ziploc bag and carry in my pocket. We bring our camera and let the guides carry it as they will have everyone stop for some photos along the way up the falls. If you are not wanting to risk getting your camera wet, just bring along a waterproof camera. We brought our older camera with us on the 2 trips we went on and had no problems with the guides....they take good care of them for you as they usually have 6 to 8 cameras to carry along.

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    Default Be warned

    Quote Originally Posted by NashvilleCouple View Post
    We are looking forward to seeing the falls and hear that they are amazing. Question: What does one wear for an excursion to the falls? If we bring a wallet and camera where can we safely leave it during the time climbing the falls?

    We didn't bring anything other than some cash, and we kept it with us in a pocket the entire way. We wore bathing suits for the trek up the falls. You WILL get very, very wet. The trek up the falls was fun, though.

    BTW - Please plan on bringing money for a tip for the guides. We had two guides, and at the end we tipped one (very well, I might add). The other one asked us for a tip and my husband said he had already tipped the other guide, and the second guide who was asking for a tip got very, very aggressive with us.

    We left with our group and in order to leave the area you have to walk through the vendor's village. As our group was exiting the vendor area in a single file line, as quickly as possible, we all got severely harrased by the vendors. We kept saying "no thank you, no thank you" but the vendors were actually reaching out at us and grabbing our arms and pieces of clothing trying to pull us into their shops. One vendor even said to the man in front of me "What, you don't like black people, are you a racist, you hate black people, don't you". Now, mind you, this guy in front of me had done NOTHING to this man other than walking by and saying no thank you, just like the rest of us were doing. It was a really horrible experience, and I will never, ever go to Dunns River Falls again because of the terrible experience I had due to those vendors grabbing at us and saying terrible things to our group.

    I tell you this just so you will know what to expect. I truly hope your experience isn't as bad as mine was.

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