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    My husband and I just returned from CSS on last Thursday, our 10 day stay was amazing. We stayed in the B block again, beachfront, and the view from our room was awesome, we had a wonderful view of the beach. Our room was neat and clean everyday thanks to our dear friend Donette in housekeeping, she made sure we had everything we needed for our room, she is an awesome and amazing person and has a heart of gold. Thanks to Anthoy and Easton for making me and my husband those awesome drinks everyday, and those Bob Marley's which wasn't to bad as most people say they were. Edgar made the best omelets and waffles for us every morning for breakfast, Vanya for always smiling and having the best attitude ever!!!!! The repeaters dinner on Wednesday was beautiful, we met the General Manager, the cooks, and some of the staff, they were all wonderful. The beach party on Tuesdays was great and so was the entertainment, they also had a Gala on the Fourth of July to celebrate our Independence Day, it was amazing as-well, there was lots of good food and good deserts. My husband and I did and excursion to 9 mile, THE BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this trip to everyone who visits Jamaica, it is worth it. We are definitely looking forward to going back home to CSS next year.

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    Man, you got to see Edgar, the week we were there in December they said they had him working in the back and we didn't get to see him at all. He makes some of the best breakfast foods, and he is so much fun while we are waiting.

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    Which room did you stay in?

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    What is 9 Mile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TL B View Post
    What is 9 Mile?
    Birth place of Bob Marley & also his final resting place
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    We stayed in B block, room B-17 last year and room B-20 this year. My husband and I were very pleased with this room as-well, both had beautiful views of the main beach. You pretty much can't go wrong with any room in B block.

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    9 mile is a tour that you take on the One Love Bus, better known as the "Zion Bus Line". It takes you on a tour from Ocho Rios to the birth and final resting place of Bob Marley, his Mother, and his brother. You get to see the real parts of Jamaica up in the mountains, it is such an amazing experience, and the views from the mountains are absolutely beautiful. If you decide to take this amazing trip, which I highly recommend, it is through chukka tours and you can book it through your resort. This is a great trip for anyone who is a Bob Marley fan and would like to learn more about Bob Marley and the Jamaican history.

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    Yes, he is truly an amazing cook and a wonderful person.

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    B Building is our favorite too! We always ask for the ground floor. Love the location!
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