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    Default Floyds Pelican Bar

    Found this place on Trip Advisor... Has anyone ever been there? How far is it from CSA? We will be at CSA on 9/8-9/18 and definitely are interested in visiting Floyd's bar. Can anyone give me info on this place? Anyone want to join us?

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    CSA is the closest Couples resort to the Pelican Bar. It's about an hour and fifteen minute ride down the southern coast near the town of Black River and then a ten-minute boat ride to the sandbar. It's a really easy excursion to set up, and you should have no problems finding somebody to go. We would love to go, but won't be there til November. Once you get there, you can hang out on the sand bar beow the bar, or in the bar itself, have some drinks and be merry. If you want to eat while there, you have to set that up ahead of time.
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    Most people who visit the Pelican Bar combine it with another excursion too. Some options are YS Falls, Mayfield Falls, Black River Rafting, or the Appleton Rum Factory. Any driver would be able to handle this for you. You can book in advance or I'm sure the Guest Relations Desk at CSA can set you up.

    Here is a TA thread that lists many private drivers.

    Private drivers/taxis in the Whitehouse and Negril area. - Whitehouse Forum - TripAdvisor
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    Thanks Dank120...Enjoy your trip in Nov. that is the month we spent at CN 3 years ago and it was wonderful....but hey your at couples...what else would you expect.

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    @ NeedBlueWater (love the name) We actually are looking to only do the Pelican Bar and maybe a ride around with a local to bring us places that you would not normally get to see so your private driver link will definately be so help. Thanks.

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    Hi. For private driver suggestions off of the TA link, I picked "your jamaican tour guide" with Alrick Allen. Highly recommended, did a personalised day tour around. Although it's commercial, the YS Falls and Appleton Factory are highly recommended! (YS is nothing like Dunns River, much quieter especially if you go in the morning first thing.) We skipped the Black River rafting - bit TOO touristic. (Plus I lived in Florida briefly so have seen mangroves and alligators.) Did a local stop at Border (roadside market) for locally-caught fish right off of the boat fried over coals. Excellent. We actually were going to go to Pelican Bar as part of that day trip, went to the jumping-off point, but then the only guy around that day with a boat wanted something like 50+ USD (plus an added tip!) for the 10 min ride to the bar so we gave it a miss. Wasn't so important for us, and boat man didn't want to negotiate. Your results may vary, of course! But definitely can recommend Alrick and his associate.

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    Use Kingsley Take Care Tours, you cannot go wrong with him. We did YS then Floyds, Kingsley arranged the boat driver for so so the boat fee was I think around $20 plus tip. Ask him about his favorite side of the road place to eat best escovitch fish ever, so good. He will explain a number of different things to you about the culture and the land. Such a wonderful man, we have used him sereval times, and always feel safe and comfortable with him. Also his prices can't be beat. Google Kingsley Take Care Tours, and shoot him a email he usually responds within a day. Have fun Floyd's is worth the trip, come on how many ppl can say they have been to a bar in the middle of the ocean.

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