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    Default Ava no longer at CTI

    Word has it that Ava is no longer in the guest relations department at CTI. The information is that she is now working in the Couples lounge at the airport.
    CTI/April Amigos

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    that is true, Tommywommy had a post asking folks to give her hugs for him.


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    Why is she no longer at Tower Isle?

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    It's true that Ava is no longer at CTI.
    I just recived another email from Ava this morning.
    She said she was very happy and loved welcoming the guests as they
    entered the Couples lounge.
    I know for a fact that I will MISS her at CTI.

    PLEASE do Ava a hug for me at Couples lounge...PLEASE???


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    I think that Ava's welcoming smile is the perfect hello to all of us as we return "home again"! When you all see her tell her Nick and Wendy say hi.

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    We saw Ava at the Couples Lounge at the airport last Wednesday. And you are correct, her welcoming smile is the perfect hello to Couples.

    And, Tommywommy, we gave her a big hug, said it was from you (and us) and even got that picture of us doing so that you asked for. I can't upload it from here, but I will post it for you as soon as we get back to the US. By the way, Tommywommy, that may be a while because first we have to finish up here at CN and then go to CTI to meet Randymon and Seandymon at the Anniversary Party! We are only 5 days into our 17 day Couples Vacation!! WooHoo!!!
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    Default Ava

    Awe, I will definetly miss Ava at CTI. It will be nice for her to be the first face we see upon arrival.

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    Wally...Thanks so much for telling Ava hi for me..And double thanks for taking me a picture.
    NOW..I need another request..I need you to tell Randymon and Seandymon hi for me also and yes,a picture would be appreciated.

    Ava is a treasure of Couples and we love her so much.


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    Okay Tommywommy,

    By the way we sat with Karen at the Repeater's Dinner last night and got a picture of us with her for you (and us) too.

    That's 2 Repeater's Dinners in a row we got to sit with Karen! She is a real sweetheart!
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    Wally...You are "the" man....I do not need to return to Couples.All I need to do is send you..LOL

    I am very happy you saw and had dinner with Karen..Karen is so special to Peggy and I.

    I also will be looking forward to all of the pictures.

    The Couples Resorts..Where strangers do favors for strangers.

    Hugs from cold and snowy Steamboat Springs,Colorado

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