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    Default club mobay question-help a newbie

    We will be arriving 10/27/13 a sunday at 12:45pm & i see like 8 planes in hour before we land & about that many within 30 mins after we land. any idea on how bad customs & immigration line will be like? trying to decide to spend extra $ for the club for arrival. will be using some of my "mad shopping $" i have been stashing away so having hard time deciding. any help would be appreciated!

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    Estimate each plane holds a minimum of 200 passengers. I don't remember exactly, but I think there were 20 - 25 Immigration reps. So they have approximately 1600+ passengers to process. That is 64 passengers per rep to process and it usually takes a couple minutes with the rep. My suggestion...get Club MoBay.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We also landed on a Sunday this past June 30 at approx 10:45 AM. Bt using Club Mobay we were at CN almost 1.5 hours sooner than others on our flight.
    Using Club Mobay on departure day is a MUST!!!! The departure lounge is comfortable with many wide screen TV's and the food and beverages are free. Flight announcements are made approx every 15 min so no need to worry about missing your flight or any gate change surprises.
    This was our 1st Club Mobay experience but it won't be our last.
    Go for it..enjoy!!!!

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    My experience of 10 years has been that it's not that bad of a wait. Don't spend your money on that.

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