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    Default January 2014: Getting to know you

    Names: Keith and Ginger
    Ages: 37 & 36
    How many times to CSS: 6th visit (I think)
    Trip dates: January 20-27
    Room type: One Bedroom Beachfront Suite
    Reason for trip: Annual get out of the snow and cold!
    Where you from: Minnesota
    What you're looking forward to most: Sunset Beach, great food and drinks. Good times without a care in the world
    Will you go A/N during trip: Yup!
    Drink you're looking forward to: Me: salty dog Ginger: dirty banana
    Kids: One lovely daughter
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 10
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    Names: Yvonne & Harry
    Ages: 49 & 55
    1st visit to CSS
    Trip dates: 20th January to 4th February
    Room type: not sure as booked through tour operator
    Reason for trip: Yvonne 50th Birthday on 23rd January
    Where are you from: Peterborough - UK but originally from Yorkshire
    What are you looking forward to: Relaxation, spending time together and to get away from English winter
    Will you go A/N - never done it but never say never
    Drink you're looking forward to: Cube Libre for Yvonne, Gin and bitter lemon for Harry
    Kids: 2 - 1 boy & 1 girl - both grown with 3 lovely grandchildren
    Level of excitement - infinitey and beyond.

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    Names: Jim & Diane
    Ages: 45 & 45
    3rd visit to CSS (7th visit to Couples)
    Trip dates: January 11-18th
    Room type: Beach Front Suite
    Reason for trip: Yearly trip out of the cold
    Where are you from: Chicago suburbs
    What are you looking forward to: Sun, sun, & jerk chicken
    Will you go A/N -
    Drink you're looking forward to: Diane, Dirty Banana; Jim, anything with rum
    Kids: 3, two in High School, one in Jr High
    Level of excitement - As always, 11

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    Jim & Diane

    COR/CTI 08, 10
    CN 09, 12, Soon to be 18
    CSS 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

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    Glad to see some repeaters and some new couples! Don't forget to do the double digit dance this weekend! We know of at least 2 or 3 more couples that will be there...perhaps they will post soon.

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    Hi Guys,

    I did the two digit dance yesterday- woo hoo, it felt so good.

    98 sleeps and we will be on our way - that's only 14 weeks. So that's only 98 days of checking the message boards for at least an hour a day, when I should be working but dreaming is much more fun.

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    Names: Frank and Susan
    Ages: 61 and 47
    How many times to CSS: First time
    Trip dates: January 12-26
    Room type: Verandah Suite
    Reason for trip: Relax and Rejuvenate, FUN without worry
    Where you from: Ontario, Canada
    What you're looking forward to most: Everything - I've always wanted to visit this resort!
    Will you go A/N during trip: Not likely, maybe one day.
    Drink you're looking forward to: Red Stripe and - Susan: Cream Rum Smoothie, Frank: Dirty Banana
    Kids: Two daughters in early twenties
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 25

    This is a fabulous forum and we're so excited and looking forward to meeting everyone. At this point we are looking at pictures every day just willing the time to come.

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    Names: Barry and Jackie
    How many times to CSS: Third time to CSS
    Trip dates: January 24-31(CSS)Jan 31-Feb 5 CN
    Room type: Beachfront-We have done Beachfront and G Block Penthouse. Both nice!
    Reason for trip: Rest and Relaxation
    Where you from: Ontario, Canada
    What you're looking forward to most: SSB
    Will you go A/N during trip: YEP
    Drink you're looking forward to: Mimosa for breakfast/Caesars mid-morning/wine lunch/rum afternoon/Bob Marley late afternoon.
    Kids: 3 Boys
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 7-don't want to peak too soon!
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    Names: Chris and Sue
    Ages: 55 & 53
    How many times to CSS: 4th visit
    Trip dates: January 19-29, 10 days, woo hoo!
    Room type: One Bedroom Beachfront Suite
    Reason for trip: Annual trip to get out of the snow and cold and get some tan!
    Where you from: Illinois
    What you're looking forward to most: Sunset Beach, seeing repeater friends and making new friends
    Will you go A/N during trip: Always do!
    Drink you're looking forward to: whatever the mood dictates
    Kids: Two grown daughters
    Pets: a dog
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 10

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    Not much traffic here this year. I hope we will not be the only couples at SSB next January.


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    I was thinking the same, but at least then we wont be annoying too many people will we?

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    Names: Jeff and Mary
    Ages: 50 & 51
    How many times to CSS: 1st Time
    Trip dates: January 17-27
    Room type: One Bedroom Oceanview Suite
    Reason for trip: 25th Anniversary (10/1/13 actually, but wanted to wait until it was good and cold in Chicago)
    Where you from: Illinois -Chicago area
    What you're looking forward to most: Not sure - it all sounds fabulous
    Will you go A/N during trip: Likely
    Drink you're looking forward to: Uh, all of them.
    Kids: 4, (ages 18 - 24)
    Pets: Two dogs
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): Well, I REALLY should be working right now, but instead I'm cruising the message boards (again).

    Looks like we will overlap with most of the posters here. Looking forward to seeing you. I'll figure out how to stick a picture up here at some point. Jeff
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    Hi Guys,
    Less than 140 sleeps now it seems to be coming around fast but not quite fast enough.
    Soon be Cuba Libre time woho

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    I've been holding off starting the countdown because it seems so far away. I figured I'd wait until we hit a two digit number. However, since you've already done the math, now we can just hitch a ride on YOUR countdown! I'll be sure to buy you one of your Cuba Libres for your efforts. I hear the price is right.

    Mary and I are both on an exercise program to get in shape for scuba diving. Anyone else dive/snorkel?

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    Hi Jeff, that means that you only have 135 sleeps now as you are there 3 days before Harry and I.
    I started counting at 302 and couldn't contain myself anymore so had to post.
    Harry loves scuba, and enjoys having a go, not certified or anything but will be partaking I feel sure. I have tried but struggled, might give the course a go though to see if I can get any better.
    The first rounds on you as I also have heard the price is right, but it must be Havana Club. LOL

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    So.. you've had a LOT of countdown practice - Excellent! You can be in charge of the official countdown for this thread. I think I can handle subtracting 3 from your number. Just make sure you post at least once a week or so or I'm going to have to break out the calendar myself and then you'll have to buy ME a drink. (I hope CSS carries Havana Club - I'd hate to have to carry my own bottle of booze to an AI resort. You'd have to be a REALLY good counter.)

    Looking forward to meeting you and Harry. This is going to be a fun trip.

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    133 sleeps today folks, soon be time for good food, drink & Company.

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    124 sleeps left peps.

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    Chris, we'll be bringing one or two of those soft Frisbee-like disks that Rob brought last year, along with some paint in case people want to do that. We usually bring some cards and dice, too, but those don't tend to work that well on the beach or in the pool. Last year one of the CSS staff taught us a couple of card games that they like to play. We played those games at the swim-up bar, which worked ok. We travel with carry-ons only, so we can't bring too many large items!

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    Default Marnie and Dave

    It will be nice to see some familiar faces like Krazy Keith!!!! We are arriving the 18th, staying til the 25th with our friends Mike and Kathy!
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    Hi, Marnie & Dave! Glad to hear you'll be back again! Can't wait!

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    Hi keith!!!!
    It should be a blast once again. We can't wait to see the new and improved SSB!

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    117 sleeps till party time. So that's only 17 weeks which sounds a lot sooner that the sleeps even if it is just me wishing.

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    Just under 10 million seconds. Doesn't seem that bad.
    Name:  Countdown 9-24.png
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    Looks to be a quiet month, too, judging by the number of posts! Anyone else going in January?

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    Almost 600 views, and only about 100 of them are me, so someone else must be at least looking once in awhile.

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