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    Default Espresso at CSS?

    Anyone know if CSS has espresso and if so where do I get it? I won't know what to do without it for a week!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am a coffee snob and I love my espresso. However, never missed it while on vacation because the regular coffee was SO good. And, to be honest, I did enjoy champagne at breakfast so didn't miss my regular drinks.

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    I think the only place you can get it is a Cassanova but I could be wrong just don't remember seeing it anywhere else.


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    You can ask for an espresso or cappuccino at breakfast and they will make it for you.

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    Really good question, which I'm keen to have a response to (anyone?). We were at CTI in March and enjoyed having espresso in the Piano Bar after dinner and also after lunch in the Coffee Bar within the Beach Shop (now defunct). We have booked CSS for May 2014 and would love to know whether we will be able to get espresso coffee.

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    Palazzina at the smoothie/coffee bar.

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    Palazzina and Cassanova both have Espresso had my fill during my 10 day trip.

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