I know that my husband and I are in the minority, but does anybody else on this board NOT like lying on loungers in the sand? We have been to CTI 4 times, and are probably going back in November. CSS 5 times (we got married there this year.) We tend to hang on in the A/N areas, meaning the island at CTI or the pool at CSS. Last November, we tried out CN. As much as I liked the resort (loved the dining options, the compactness of it, and of course the sunsets over the beach) we did not like lying in loungers on the beach because of the sand constantly blowing: in our eyes, in our beach bags, in our sunblock, etc. I think it was windier than normal last November when we were there, so that might explain some of it. (The water was never the glasslike pond surface that I promised my husband. Big waves to knock you off your feet every day.)

I realize there is a HUGE pool area with no sand involved - not A/N though so we probably wouldnt be interested (wet suits and all). I guess I am more curious if we are the only ones out there who are bugged by the sand in everything phenomenon. Since so many people on this board ARE beach people.