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    Default Halloween at CSS

    Hubby and I will be at CSS October 25 - Nov. 1 and was wondering if CSS is planning to do anything to celebrate Halloween? Any costume parties or anything to that effect? I'd like to know in advance so that I can pack a costume.
    Heather and Tim

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    Heather and Tim

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    I don't know about any parties, but I am planning my costume now.

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    From what I understand, Halloween is primarily an American holiday, and isn't much celebrated in Jamaica. I may pack a costume anyway (we'll be at CTI over Halloween) but I wouldn't count on lots of Halloween festivities.

    Perhaps one of the mods could chime in on this one?

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    On the old website, they used to have FAQs for each resort. Halloween was one of the questions, and yes, they do in fact celebrate it and have events. It's similar to Easter (they have an egg hunt, basket making, etc.). I do not know for sure if CSS has a Halloween costume party, but I'm sure someone has been there and knows for sure.
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    We've been there over the last two Halloweens, and while we didn't dress up ourselves (too much stuff the first year with our wedding, and left it too late last year), there were people in costume. Whichever you choose, you won't be out of place.

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