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    Hi all
    I will be in CSS for my Anniversary in Aug'13. We would love to have some photos done. I have seen the rates but it looks like it is all for weddings only. Does anyone know about photos non wedding cost and off resort photos. I have seen all of your lovely wedding photos on and off the resort even trash the dress photos. I just need a little infor so I can book a session.

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    Hi Mzvirgo, went to css in 09 and while having our private dinner in the wedding gazebo, a resort photog came and asked if we wanted some shots taken and we did. We had them the next day and bought maybe 8or so. I don't remember exactly how much but maybe 10 bucks a piece?? A little steep but they turned out nice. Not sure if you need to book ahead of time but css is gorgeous so lots of great places to take pictures, have fun!

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    I can't remember the exact prices as we only got our wedding photos, but when we were at CTI last week there were photo bundles of 10 pictures, 15 pictures, etc. for other photoshoots. It was fairly reasonable though, maybe a little steep - but hey - it's your anniversary. It's worth the price!

    We paid $260 for an additional 13 wedding photos on a CD. It was too hard to narrow it down to only 24 pictures. We are happy that we spent the extra money! All of the photos turned out great! The regular photo shoot pictures were definitely cheaper than the wedding photos. Just check it out at the photoshop when you get there.

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