Hi everyone,

Our wedding is officially booked for October 16th. I'm really excited but going crazy as well, I have so many questions....your help would be greatly appreciated.

1. How did you transport your wedding dress? I have a full length gown with a small train. I called American Airlines and they told me that the "may" be able to hang it up in the coat closet for me depending on availability. "May" doesn't sound very reassuring. Do I just put it in a foldable garment bag and hope for the best?

2. Will there be someone there to help me put my dress on? It's a lace up and I can't put it on myself. Will they let my fiance get dressed somewhere else so that he doesn't see me before the ceremony?

3. Will they press my dress?

4. We have some friends joining us just for the ceremony from a different resort. Do we get passes for them when we get there or do we order them now?

5. Do I need to plan anything before I go....activities and such?

I apologize for the million questions, but I'm freaking out a bit. Thank you so much!!!!!