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    Default First timer - CN in 34 days and 14 hours!

    I'm so excited! Tis is our first everything - trip without kids, trip out of the US, and trip to Couples Resorts!
    I'm a planner and have been reading some of the message boards. But I still have some questions. Do the beaches on the resort have any seashells? Is there shopping on site? Where is a good place to go off site for souvenirs? Has anyone used a disposable underwater camera when snorkeling? Do pictures come out ok? And I would love any tips on planning, packing, or prep!!!

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    You are in for a treat! We are headed back to Jamaica for our second visit to Couples! We have been to CSS, and now we are trying CN. We are due to Arrive Aug 24th, so our paths may cross!
    We used a waterproof disposable camera when we went to CSS and had no problem. We just picked them up at Target or a Walmart.
    I really love to shop so I am wondering about the souvenirs myself! I know the resort has a gift shop, the gift shop at CSS was pretty good, I bought most of my things there.
    Hopefully someone will post on the shopping at CN... as I am curious also!
    And one thing I learned from reading MB and our first trip to CSS... don't over pack! You won't wear as much as you think you will...and save room to bring back all the items you find shopping in Jamaica!
    Have a great vacation!!!

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    I found some cool shells walking the beach in the morning going both ways from the resort. Disposable cameras can be hit or miss. I had good ones and I had some that leaked and lost all my pictures. Walmart has a nice small underwater digital camera for about $50.00. You might want to look into this one. I liked the gift shop at CN. I bought baskets, some ceramic plates, music and a beautiful dress. I packed a few sheets of bubble wrap to wrap breakable items. Their prices were fair. We didn't shop in town so I can't tell you about that. Facing the beach and going right, there are some venders pass the Riu. They will barter with you. Tips, take a small flashlight and bug spray. If you like both wine and champange in your mini bar, take an extra cork with you. Join the fun events, earn your funny money and have a freaking blast! Try the One Love Bus Crawl, it's free and you get a great tour of the cliff area. Do the trading days with CSA. Buildings 5 and 9 are the quietest. Again, have a great time! It's going to be next May before we go back so have a dirty banana for me!

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    We found a total of 2 shells on the beach at CN. But the sand is amazing! Every day and evening there were vendors on site selling jewelry, sarongs, dresses, crafts, cigars etc. there is also a "craft market" down the beach a ways if you don't mind a little walk. We just left on July 21 and are already planning next years trip!

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    There is a local craft market across the street and toward Negril about 2 blocks. If you like lobster go to the water turn right and take about a 15 minute to Office Of Nature for grilled lobster.

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    WOW Maria67, your excitement is palpable
    You'll love CN.
    Shells - We've never really found too many shells on the beach, some small ones perhaps.
    Camera - We use an inexpensive underwater point and shoot and an inexpensive underwater video camera.
    Shopping - the resort has a couple of gift shops and will bring some vendors on property most days you can buy the typical stuff from them, there will also be some vendors walking the beach with bracelets, dresses etc...You can also turn right on the beach walk past the Riu Palace, then Sunset at the palms and just past the Office of Nature there are vendors set up there.

    I will also, recommend the "one love bus pub crawl" much fun!! You can read the reviews below:
    One Love Bus Bar Crawl Reviews - Negril, Westmoreland Parish Attractions - TripAdvisor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria67 View Post
    I would love any tips on planning, packing, or prep!!!
    My wife and I have been there 5 times and you will love it! Quick tips: You MUST go on the catamaran booze cruise. It is one of the highlights. You need to go rain or shine. Bring some bug repellent. I have never had a problem with getting bitten, but someone that went with us last year must have been made out of sand flea food. The gift shop has a lot of nice trinkets and the clothing store has some nice stuff too. Always some local craftsman on the beach selling necklaces and carvings. The shopping excursion into town was just a lot of people all selling the same stuff - we take a pass on that. Hope this helps!

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    Maria67, You will have a blast! We arrive at CN on 8/23 so we may run into you. As for shells I have yet to find any but I am not an early bird so that could be why.

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    Another question- I love taking pics and want to get an affordable underwater camera. I'm looking at Nikon Coolpix S31, Pentax WG-10, or Panasonic Lumix TS20. Anyone have one of those cameras?

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