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    Default CSS bucket list and hidden spots

    I thought it would be fun to start a thread highlighting people's favorite and / or hidden spots and activities at CSS.

    I have probably a dozen favorite and sometimes hidden spots that I love at CSS, but I will stick to just one so I can give others a chance to post.

    My favorite spot is the archway to the sea - so unique - I love this spot for many reasons, the sea, the grotto, the sounds are amazing! I also love this spot because there is a sauna to the left of the archway that is built into the cliffs - my favorite way to start the day at CSS is to go down to the mineral pool - do some yoga above the fitness center, then sauna for about 20 minutes before I head through the arch to cool down in the sea!


    What's your favorite spot? Try not to be general - we all love SSB & the main beach! Instead, show us the exact spot(s) you enjoy the most.

    If you haven't been to CSS - use this thread as a scavenger hunt / bucket list to make sure you don't miss anything!

    Michael and Kristin
    CSS/CTI Oct. 2013
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