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    Default No Air Jamaica on Couples booking site?

    We're planning our fifth trip to CSA for January 2010. But the Couples booking site doesn't list Air Jamaica as a possible airline to and from Baltimore on the dates we'll be traveling. shows flights are available on those dates (Jan. 20-29). We like AJ because it's nonstop. Does Couples know something about the status of AJ that we don't?

    Looking forward to coming home, no matter how we get there!

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    You have two options.

    1) I would call the Couples 1-800 number and talk to them directly. AJ is going through a big change, they are losing money and they were trying to sell the airline. They just went through a 6 plane down sized and it is kinda up in the air on what is going on. Couples may not want to risk all the problems that could happen in they drop your flight or do something else that effects your trip.

    2) Book the airfare directly with AJ and book the Couples part with Couples.
    Irie Mon

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    We also fly out of Baltimore and love the non stop service. We are going to CSS on Saturday on air J, but will look at other airlines for our Jan 2010 trip. Air Jamaica is in transition and doesn't appear to have a solid plan. Won't help us for Jan, Airtran will start non stop service to Jamaica in Feb.

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    Since they cancelled our flight in July, thus canceling a trip, I am really nervous to use them again. I have tickets purchased for next year but monitor it as much as I can. I have also purchased outside insurance to cover myself incase they close their doors. To be honest, we may not be able to go to Jamaica if their flights are no longer available. We have three little kids (2, 3 and 5) it is so hard to arrange babysitting that AJ flights maximize our time. There just would be no point to a 3-4 night trip if almost two full days are in transit. We are in Milwaukee, WI.
    Here's hoping!
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    We've flown AJ out of Chicago several times. It's a great flight. We are in MoBay by 11:30 am and the flight does not leave until 6 pm at night.

    This year, however, I've booked American for our March trip. I just don't know how the entire AJ sale is going to shake out!!

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