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    Are these resorts Gay Friendly?

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    Have you read anything about Jamaica? I'll save you the time. Jamaica is very anti-gay. Yes, there have been same-sex couples at Couples, but no one encourages it. Best to choose another island.
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    The resorts are...Jamaica is not. Just keep all PDA only at the resorts and you will be fine.
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    Homosexual activity is illegal in Jamaica.... keep that in mind when choosing a vacation site.

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    In 14 trips we tend to see at least a few gay couples each trip. They seem to be enjoying themselves. I can't find the thread, but I recall Randymon once commenting that Couples were for all couples in love. Care should be taken off the resort however, as in most places, the level of acceptance varies.

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    As far as I know absolutely, there were a few same sex couples at CN when I was there last Aug

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    Resorts are very definitely gay friendly! Why wouldn't they be?

    Single sex relationships are, however, frowned upon in Jamaica so there may be some disquieting looks when (and if) you are out and about. Just be sensible out there. Over the top PDA's are also unacceptable at Couples resorts but this is not a way of limiting your closeness to your SO, just respect for others.

    Have a great time!

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    The resorts are friendly to everybody, and we've spoken with a few gay couples, both male & female, at CN that felt just at home as anyone else. On our last trip, there was a wedding party there, and the photographer guys, who were gay and also childhood friends of the bride, were there with everyone else, and nobody treated them any differently.

    That being said, Jamaica is really weird about this. There are actually laws against male homosexuals, but not against females. PDA by a male couple, off-resort & in-public of course, can carry a pretty hefty fine & possible arrest. This law does not apply to females though.

    Regardless of what else you hear on this thread, trust me when I say you will be fine. Just be aware of the laws for the short time you are off-resort, and once you get on-resort, you will have the time of your life.


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    resort is, island isn't

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patie2013 View Post
    Are these resorts Gay Friendly?
    While you will be treated at the resort with the same respect and courtesy as every other other couple, Jamaica is not a gay friendly country.

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    I suggest Puerto Vallarta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    I suggest Puerto Vallarta.
    This one and the one that says NO are actually kind of rude.

    Like others have said, the resort IS for all couples in love. We too have met more than a few gay couples who were having a blast, as they should. Again, like others said, be cautious of PDA off the resort. Come and enjoy yourselves!

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    We have been going to CSA since 1996 and our gay friends have come with us on and off throughout the years. They have always enjoyed themselves, been treated with respect and developed many good friendships with other Couples and the Jamaican people. PDA is respectful as it should be with any couple. As with many places in the world, you will always find those that stare or whisper something but we should all be use to that whether gay or not. AND as for leaving the resort, be aware of your actions and surroundings no matter who you are. Common sense and good judgment are an everyday part of life whether at home or on vacation.

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    my wife and I (lesbian couple) have been to csa twice and are returning to our second home in October. we can't wait. we were also concerned before our first trip to Jamaica because we had heard it wasn't gay friendly. we had no problems at all. I will say that we only left the resort a couple of times. we aren't huge on PDAs so no worries.

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