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    Default lost Romance Rewards

    Has anyone else noticed any missing Romance Rewards nights? My account is showing 0 nights, my accumulated nights disappeared a few months ago. I have sent several emails to the "romance rewards" email link the past 2 months, and have heard nothing back. We will be traveling to Barbados next month and I want to be sure my account is up to date by then.
    Does anyone know who I can contact to correct this? Or how? Help greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    When I log into my account it shows the cumulative points as 12 (which is correct) but shows points remaining as 0...not sure why it would say that. It does state young love status which is correct.

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    They expire or disappear after 4 years.

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    Mine are the shows cumulitive at 8 and balance at 0. The last time we went was January 2010. Maybe they're expired. Can anyone explain this at all?

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    Cumulative is what you should be looking at. It is the nights stayed that have not expired. The balance has always said 0 for us. I think it had to do with the OLD way Couples used to do Romance Rewards, on a Point System. You use the cumulative nights to figure out your Level.
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    Ours is the same way 28 cumulative points but balance is 0. But it has us at the passionate level which is right. Hopefully there are no issues but our total points look right to me.

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