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    I know it's a little less than a year away but let the dreaming begin.

    NAME: Jim & Rita
    AGE: 50/44
    DATES OF TRAVEL:May 18th-28th
    TRIPS TO CSS: Third time
    ROOM TYPE: Penthouse Suite
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Marshfield, Massachusetts
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO: The Staff, Edgars Omelette, Talking to Crackers, SSB!
    WILL YOU GO A/N: Yes, looking forward to it
    DRINK YOUR LOOKING FORWARD TO: Red Stripe and Gin & Tonic on the beach maybe some bourbon at night
    KIDS: 0
    LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT (1-10): 3 for now because we just got back from a CN/CSA split
    CN May 2005
    CSA May 2011
    CSS May 2012
    CTI/CSS May 2013
    CB December 2013

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    was waiting for may 2015 to come up.may 23-30 can't wait even tho we just got back.

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