Hi all,

My girlfriend and I stayed at a Couples resort for the first time this past March. We enjoyed it and are considering returning. We stayed at CTI but visited CSS a couple times and it felt like a much better fit for us, so we're looking here this time.

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for one room type over another? Are there any significant differences between the rooms besides size? I remember talking with a guest when we visited and she told me one of the buildings was newly renovated while another wasn't, is that right? For me, the biggest concerns are comfortable bed, good air conditioning and a reasonably quiet environment. We don't spend a lot of time in the room so size isn't a huge concern, unless there's a big advantage to it that I'm not considering.

Oh, and we're looking at visiting between xmas and new years. Is the weather generally pretty good then? From what I can tell online it looks like we should expect high 70s/low 80s, which sounds good to me. I'm guessing the water is good as well?

Thank you for any help!