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    Default Visiting a School near CTI

    We are going to CTI in December, and my husband (who is a teacher) thought it might be fun to visit a school while we are there. I've read people talking about visiting schools in Negril, but I didn't find anything in the threads about that on the Ocho Rios side. Does anyone have any experience with this that could share some information on how we could go about requesting this? Is it something we would just ask about when we arrive at the resort?

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    Call Mr. Henry, the GM at CTI. There is a golf tournament in January from CTI that benefits a boy's home and I am sure Mr. Henry can arrange a school visit or a visit to the boy's home for you and discuss any gifts you may choose to bring for the school.

    You have chosen a great resort.


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    Definitely contact Leonard Henry af CTI. I, too, am a teacher and last summer I took down about 25 used, but still very nice scientific calculators. They were nothing special, but you would have thought they were the greatest thing in the world. Mr Henry has some affiliation with a local school or boys/girls club type organization. Anything you take will be greatly appreciated.

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