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    Hello all
    First trip to CSS in a couple of weeks. Have seen discussion about clothing being allowed at the AN beach at 'sunset'. What is the real deal for the AN area after 5 (or 6)? Does it revert back to nude only after the sunset hour? Does it stay C/O until the next morning? Is it just one of those 'it depends' situations? Is it only the beach or the entire AN area?
    We will spend most of our time on the AN side. At previous resorts we have often enjoyed the nude hot tub after dinner for a nightcap etc. Will this be possible at CSS? My wife is kind of all or nothing with the nudity; not always comfortable in a C/O mixed setting. Would like to know what the rules are and what to really expect.


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    Basically yes to all your questions and the entire AN section becomes CO but - we usually stay at the pool while all the clothed people stay at the beach

    From 5-6 on Monday, Wednesday & Friday they list "sunset hour" in the activities sheet

    And on Tuesdays at 9:45 they have a "after party" which is none nude

    Otherwise the area is open and AN only

    However - After 6 they don't come around and kick clothed people off the beach, but it gets pretty quiet pretty quickly

    In the past, the sunset hour was every day so I'm curious to see what happens this time on the other nights

    25 days for us!

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    I asked a similar question in this thread:

    We just got back from CSS so we experienced it first hand. Every evening where it looked like there would be a decent sunset, clothed couples would come over to the nude beach starting at 6PM. Some would leave immediately when they saw that there were naked people who were not covering up. Most would go right to the water line and watch the sunset and try to ignore the naked people. And yes, a few would wander around clothed or even get in the pool (though I generally figure these people are just thinking about it, and not voyeurs). We stayed naked and never felt uncomfortable (though we likely made a few textile couples uncomfortable.)

    As far as "after dark" goes, the bugs always drove us off as the sun went down. And since the new hot tub is not finished, the place pretty much cleared out after dark.

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