I'm not sure I found it very helpful to request mini-bar stocking with the online check-in option. Here is why.

I have always been told that you can request a certain building or floor when you check in (within the room category you booked of course) but I found that when we had checked in online this past trip via the Romance Rewards Online Check-In when we arrived at the resort and tried to request a building/floor (we were looking for something 1st or 2nd floor in buildings 1, 5, 6, or 9) we were told that they had already assigned us a 3rd floor room in one of the buildings we were hoping to avoid and had already stocked the room with our requested mini-bar items and a welcome back letter or something for us as repeaters.

SO I guess the lesson is not to used the option of stocking our mini-bar prior to arrival? We had been led to understand that we could make requests as I described on arrival (based on availability) but we were pretty much locked into the room they had already assigned. We were told the resort was sold out and it was that room or nothing (told this nicely) but we found that there were empty rooms in many of the areas we wanted and we were simply told that to avoid the inconvenience of changing to a building we preferred. We were left thinking that once the mini-bar is stocked and they put your welcome back stuff in there (they don't always put Welcome Back stuff in there, but it was there this time) your choices of room area at check-in are just too much trouble.
Anyone found a way around this problem or was it only our experience?