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    Default Requesting a particular room

    We will be at CSS on Oct 16- 23. We stayed in B36 when we visited in April. Is there a way to request to stay in that particular room again- prior to arriving on Oct 16th???

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    You can request it when you arrive. It is subject to availability.

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    Is that the 3rd floor corner? We had that last year and are requesting it again this year. We are there until the 14th, so it should be empty for you!

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    We did the same last year by sending an e-mail through the "contact us" link on the Couples navbar. Now, while they can't guarantee a particular room they do their best. In our case, we got it!!

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    You can make the request by using the contact us on the left of the page. Use general and send you request to CSS. Make sure to include your Booking number, Romance Reward number, and your arrival date.

    They will do what they can to meet the request, but do not be upset if you can not get that room. You may be better at requesting a block and floor, that way they have more options.
    Irie Mon

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    It really doesn't do any good to request a room before hand but when you check in, request it and if it is available, they will give it to you. We have been given a room we requested once. I have to tell you, it's kind of neat to be surprised with a new room. I have liked every place they have put us.

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    jls8756, yes its the 3rd floor corner room. It was spectacular for us. So we really wanted it again (if possible). We'll just miss y'all by 2 days, but I hope y'all have a wonderful trip.

    Thank you all for your responses. I will use the "Contact us" route.

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