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    On our recent trip to CN I purchased his CD and I am so excited to have it to play whenever I want. The only problem is half of it has serious issues...skipping, repeating and going mute for long stretches. For those that have picked up one is this normal or did I get a bum CD? I didn't expect a superior sound and quality but I did expect to have all the songs. Not sure if he changes his CD's ever but just fyi mine starts with garden of eden,?, you drive me crazy, on my turn, cigs on the beach, carry the cross, redemption song, no woman no cry, superman, this is love, one love, coming in from the cold, is this love, and one drop.

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    My CD works fine. I bought it in 2012.


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    I bought mine on the 17th of July, mine is ok until about superman then is pauses and skips and other stuff. Kind of stinks I wanted to used it for a video I am making for our vacation but I sort of expected there to be some issues with the disc.

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    That is exactly where mine starts having issues. Thanks

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    Ours works fine. Loaded to our ITunes library so we could have on our phones, etc. Purchased in 2011.

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    OMG - does anyone want to buy my copy????

    He sounds much better on the beach. After years of looking forward to his daily beach visits I decided to buy his CD & part with US$10 to remind me of our lazy days in JA. He sounds soo good every morning at 11ish (perhaps the rum helps), not one of my better impulse buys LOL!

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