We are just a couple days away from our trip!

We will be at Couples Negril from 8/16 to 8/20, and then we transfer to San Souci on the 20th for 7 nights. The 20th is a Tuesday, so I am guessing that there may be some traffic when we go through Montego Bay?

For those of you who have done this transfer on a weekday, I would appreciate advice on the best time of day to make the switch, assuming of course that we have a choice.

We would like to be at San Souci between 12 and 1 - late enough where our room might possibly be ready and we can have lunch and enjoy the day. What time should we leave Negril? Is 9 too early? If we leave at 10 is that too late? Will we hit traffic at either of those times? Are we likely to have to make a stop at the airport?

Thanks in advance for your advice!