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    On every other trip we have done, we used a travel agent. This year, I booked it myself, because we are staying somewhere else for a week prior to couples.

    I called the main line to reserve, gave $400 deposit a couple months back. Wanted to go ahead and pay of the November trip, but cannot seem to do so. called the 800 number, rep told me to email her... Email what exactly? She was very brusque, as though my desire to spend a few thousand dollars was of no concern. The confirmation we had sent back at original booking has the dates, deposit, etc... But no indication of how to complete payment.

    This is why I always pay someone else to do it... I despise sitting on the phone for anything. I have emailed the rep, but zero response from that end. Honestly, I am either missing something, or this is more difficult than it needs to be.

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    That's why we always use a travel agent. We pay the same, she gets a commission and she handles all the details. No worries with a travel agent.
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    Hi Gap639, not the exact same situation but I wanted to make an extra payment on the love away plan so I called couples, talked to wendy. She gave me her email and I just had to say that I wanted couples to charge my credit card xxxx amount. I gave my reservation #, dates and resort. That's probably what she wants. I got a confirmation email back. Pretty easy.

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    Not really helpful to you but no matter what I am doing I use my travel agent Joan. She has been invaluable in some sticky situations. Most of all has got us some great deals at our fav resort Couples Swept Away

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    I have booked online using the "love away" plan every year for five years. No hassles and the perfect way to pay!
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    I have also found calling the 800 number frustrating. That being said, we have booked all 5 trips to CSA online and it has been easy and fast! You can set up payments and everything is charged to your credit card.

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    Finally got it all straightened out. All I needed to do was send an email stating that I authorize them to charge the card on file.

    So much aggravation for what turned out to be a nominal issue, I seriously need to get away.

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    Just call the 800# again. You must've got someone on a bad day.
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    The payment is automatically drafted approx 45 days before the trip I believe. I think this is why they wanted you to email them. They are basically looking for written confirmation that you are asking for the payment to be drafted prior to the standard draft date. I just added a day to our trip and had to email couples as well. Basically just giving them authorization to add the day and charge my card. How long ago did you email the rep? If you click on the link on your confirmation does it still show a balance due?

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    Send an e-mail with your reservation number and ask them to go ahead and take the balance, on the card they have on file. It shouldn't take more than that.

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    I think you can probably check your reservation online and pay it that way. You must have a confirmation number or reservation number or something. It shouldn't be that difficult. Too bad you got someone rude on the line at Couples. Good luck. I'm sure they'll want their money eventually. ha ha

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    Ia, the sole cause of aggravation here. Been so stressed with work issues for weeks that I made this into a debacle purely put of habit. It was actually the east spent thing to take care of, and my attitude probably caused the same from the rep I had. 79 days.... Soon come.

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