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    Default A few questions about Couples Negril...

    We were at Couples Negril back in 2007 and loved it! Have been to Swept Away and Sans Souci since then as well but are wanting to go back to Negril in May 2014. In reading the reivews, etc. I have a few concerns:

    1. Have heard many say that the resort itself needs an overhaul/paint, especially the bathrooms. Can you please let me know if there are any immediate plans for this to be done?

    2. Heard complaints about alot of the staff there as being rude? We never experienced that at any of the Couples resorts before so what's the deal with these complaints...are they just people being overly picky?

    3. Am c onsidering booking the "Beachfront" room room versus the "Deluxe Beachfront". Is is worth it and what exactly are the differences...does anyone have any pictures of these rooms?


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    Have been to CSS once and many times to Swept Away. Last year first visit to CN.
    As for bathrooms stayed in Beachfront suite nice but waste of space in my opinion. Huge but very clean. Can't comment on other room categories.
    Staff some of the most friendly have ever encountered. Never once did we encounter any staff that were rude.
    First time there and had beachfront but to be honest next time will probably choose deluxe as everything is so close and would prefer an extra night.

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    We LOVE CN and are returning for our 5th trip in November. I'll try to help out here

    1) I think some people still expect glitz and gold when they go. We love the rooms. The bathrooms aren't fancy but are always clean. PLUS CN is getting ready to do a bathroom remodel. There is a post somewhere on the message board where Randymon posted some pics too.

    2) We have NEVER experienced rude staff at the resort. Just the opposite, everyone is always so friendly. BUT we have seen guests be quite rude to the staff and maybe the service they get back would be less than enthusiastic. I know if I was a staff member and someone was always rude to me, it would be hard to be smiling everytime I saw them, but someone who is always easy and fun to deal with. When I see that complaint, sometimes I wonder if people are acting "entitled" and it puts off the staff. We have always found all the staff---bartenders, servers, housekeepers, groundskeepers, maintenance....every one of them to be just sweet and friendly. I don't think this should be a concern if you treat them nicely.

    3) I think you are talking about the Oceanview vs. Deluxe Beachfront, or are you talking about the suites. Deluxe Beachfront is usually ground level and near the beach. Beachfront Suites are double rooms, with hammocks and offer a treat in the evening. We always got the oceanview deluxe before but are now going with the garden room to save money. Not enough time spent in the room to need something too fancy. I don't know if that answers this question.

    CN is awesome....don't let bad reviews scare you off. I'm never sure if the people who write those reviews stayed at the same place we did because I just don't see how it can be bad. But then WE LOVE CN...did I mention that one?

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    Heading back to CN in October for our 5th stay in 5 years, and again in February for our 6th stay. Someone had mentioned that they were working on the bathroom between Heliconia and Lychee but I know of no other updates.

    As far as run down, while the rooms are not glitz and glamor, they are not run down. It is the tropics and the house keeping does a great job of keeping them clean and neat in my book. I read as far as the exterior paint goes of the buildings, I read somewhere in their history that they spend a lot of time and money to get the color that is on them now to look rustic and Caribbean.

    I read the comments about rude employees and was kind of taken back. While I have seen employee's who are not having the best of days, happens in every job, I have never seen a rude employee. I have seen them act "indifferent" to demanding and obnoxious guests from time to time, but not rude. I have found that a smile, a thank you and a kick back and enjoy the moment attitude goes a long way with the staff. Respect works both ways and we should all respect and be very thankful for the outstanding service they provide to us. A smile and a warm thank you can thaw out the heart when repeated often.

    We also will be in Swept Away in October, was there last year as well, and I could speak of a few employees who I thought was not friendly or up to Couples standards there as well. I don't because it really did not affect me and a hurricane had just gone through and I am sure they had other things on their minds as well. Did not ruin my trip or the fantastic time. That is why we are doing the split between Swept Away and Negril this year.

    Enjoy, kick back, relax and respect Mon! Is good.

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    We were at CN September last year and will be returning this year at the same time.

    One thing to remember is that CN has a Jamaican vibe to it. So the plushness you may experience at other resorts is not part of that vibe. With that said the bathrooms will soon be remodeled. And the rest of the resort still feels like you are in Jamaica.

    Rude staff. Never experienced that but then again it is all about how you treat people and what you get in return.

    Beachfront room. Agree with brennie here. Last year we got a beachfront room. Because the buildings are at a 45 degree angle to the beach it is not what I would consider beachfront. This year we are getting a garden deluxe and using the money we save to stay an extra night. How much time do you spend in your room anyways?

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    We've never been to any of the other Couples resorts but have stayed at CN 4 times and have number 5 booked for January. We've never seen any rude staff at all. They've been always pleasant and accommodating. We stay in the deluxe garden room as we don't spend much time in the room other than to sleep. As for the bathrooms, yes they are somewhat dated but we don't spend much time there either. Kind of gives it some charm.
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    Yes bathrooms need some attention but it isn't anything that should stop you from going. The remodeling should start soon. I wouldn't upgrade the room unless you really spend a lot of time there. The people are friendly and you will see many of the regular employees. I will say that we did encounter a few persons who were not up to the couples standard of friendliness in my opinion. We were in block two, having always stayed on the opposite side of the resort, so we encountered more employees coming and going from their employee area which may explain why I passed so many employees that did not acknowledge me. This didn't bother me greatly but I have always been spoken to by any and all couples employees that passed me.

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    We were at CN April 2012 and November 2012. The staff was great. We had a Deluxe Beachfront room. It was 7000 building. It was great. We like leaving our balcony door open to listen to the ocean. Our bathroom was fine. We have been to Couples 5 times and have only had one rude Staff member (that was at a place we were only visiting). We are going to try Barbados this November but I think we will still like CN the best.

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    Hi Frances!

    1. There's a posting from Randymon that has an artist rendering of what the bathrooms will look like. Not sure when they'll be completed though. As far as the condition of the facilities, you're in Jamaica, the weather can reek havoc on paint and wood. I think the resorts are charming, but I'm not looking for the Ritz.
    2. I think most who say the staff was rude, were probably rude first to the staff. I've been to CN and CSS and never had any reason to complain about the staff. The vacation is what you make of it... no worries and respect, mon.
    3. We were in a Deluxe Beachfront back in 2009 and loved it. We were in a great location, nice and quiet in building 5. A good size room, and a beautiful view. However, next year we are returning and we decided to spring for the Beachfront Suite. We want to be as close to the beach as possible and we want the sitting area that makes spending time in the room more enjoyable, versus just an extra chair like in the Deluxe rooms. With the suite you can "Enjoy hors d'oeuvres in your room every evening; in-suite dinner menu available." Whereas you don't have that option with the Deluxe, and the bathrooms are smaller in the Deluxe rooms, if that matters to you.... decisions, decisions.

    Hope this helps! You should decide soon though. Book by August 14 to get the best rate for 2014!

    CN 2009, CSS 2013, CN 2014

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    Just book a Deluxe Garden. Everything is close no matter what room you are in. Stay an extra night or two with the savings!!

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    1.). Not really. The color of the place kinds of lends itself to looking like it needs paint, but I always thought that was just the color scheme. It's as nice as the others, and my favorite between sans souci and CN. I always found the baths to be clean and in good repair. Brennie is right about the suite baths though... Those things are huge.

    2.). Staff is always nice at CN. In fact, staff is reason we continue to go. Our first trip to couples, the resort was managed by an English gentleman, name escapes me... He has since moved onto corporate, or may be gone now, but in any event.. His customer service is something I still remember 14 years later, and I have yet to be let down while visiting.

    3.). Those rooms are the same, but for the view. Due to placement of buildings on the resort, few are really beachfront (some suites are), and having stayed in nearly every room category CN has to offer, I have yet to see a big difference, although... The first floor rooms close to the beach are nice to pop right outside and sunbathe.

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    1. It depends on how picky you are if you even think it needs an overhaul. We were at the repeaters dinner in mid July and they did say that a renovation to the bathrooms was going to begin in August some time. Our bathroom was great but we were in a suite so who knows.

    2. I think you get what you give. If you took a second to say hi or smile everyone was great. There was one day where our luggage was lost and I obviously wasn't in a great mood and most of the staff left me alone. There wasn't anything they could do about it and it wasn't there fault but I think they get really good at sensing people that want to be left alone. And I think this is a fine line, some people might say they were constantly being bothered by staff if they were too friendly, it's hard to please everyone. We never had an issue with this.

    3. We did a Garden Suite and if I could be assured that I would get room 9301 every time we would never book anything else. The bathroom and extra room was nice but for as little as we were in our room I'm not sure if we would do it again.

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    3. As benandmiranda pointed out, I think you're talking about Deluxe Beachfront vs. Beachfront Suite. All the Deluxe rooms at CN are the same on the inside, just as the different Suites are all the same inside. The Suites are larger and include a certain level of room service. To see the difference in layout, click on the link at the top of this page for "Negril Jamaica". Then, at the left hand side of that page, click on "Map & 360 View". The 360 views titled "Deluxe Beachfront Suite" and "Deluxe Ocean Suite" are actually not Suites. Those are just the Deluxe Ocean and Deluxe Beachfront rooms. The link for "Garden Suite" and "Garden Suite Bathroom" are views of the actual Suite rooms. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks all for the wonderful feedback!

    We booked yesterday - going May 21st - 29th 2014 for 8 glorious nights...cannot wait!! Had to take advantage of the resort credit and great rates before they end today - we did get a beachfront suite - celebrating our 10th anniversary so figured why not!!


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