Hi everyone,

My husband and I are planning our first Couples stay for this December (binational US/Fr couple, 34/39). The problem is we can't decide where to stay, which is not too bad a problem to have! While we're definitely beach people and love to swim/snorkel, we prefer an intimate, laid back atmosphere, which is why we've narrowed it down to CSS or CTI as opposed to CSA or CN. I don't need miles of beach for walking, but I enjoy a scenic beach for swimming and sunning.

I've read through several CSS vs CTI threads so I'll try not to repeat the same old questions. However, I was wondering if one had more of a "harassing you into group activities" vibe than the other. I look forward to meeting new people and socializing, but I also really need some quality R&R time. Also, which is better for ocean swimming? My main questions are for those of you who have stayed at CSS and/or CTI over Christmas. I've read that Couples does the holidays justice, but I'm curious about specifics. What did you like best? Is there a preference for resort with regard to celebrating the holidays?

Thanks so much!