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    Default Palapas at SSB, beach, turtle

    Was there for a week and got back on July 29. They were building or had built 3 new palapas. They are a bit wider and taller than the others. Hope they are an addition and not a replacement for what is there. Nice to have more shade.
    The beach is a lot bigger than last year.
    A turtle came up sometime late on 7-27 or early Sunday morning the 28th. We saw the path she left. Looks like she laid eggs where the guard sits near the river. Those lucky enough to be there at the right time will get to see them hatch.

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    New Palapas? Awesome! Sometimes it can get packed out there so it will be great to have more shade space for people.
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    One of the nests hatched on our last night on Monday, 08/05/13, around 5:30 or 5:45 or so. Shelton called everyone out of the pool & over to see the baby turtles waddle their way into the ocean. I believe that they all made it. I have some pics that I'll post when I get home if I have time. It was a really neat experience to see it !!

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    Here's a quick link to my baby turtle pics. Not great pics, but better than nothing I guess !!


    Jamaica--Couples Sans Souci--Aug 2013--Turtles Photos by JackieMRP | Photobucket

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    Wow new palapas, thats great!! one of my complaint from our trip in June was there were only three palapas I think in the pool area and every day people came super early or even the night before maybe to put their towels on them and reserve them. We only go one one day in 8. We always found shade of a tree but the palapas are a lot nicer. Great idea CSS!

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    Thanks for sharing those baby turtle photos! Lucky you to have seen them in person, but I am grateful that you shared them with us!!!

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    I love the last picture showing the cute little markings they left in the sand. Thanks so much for sharing Jackie.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    i"m glad you realized what that last pic was !! I hoped that people wouldn't be searching for a baby turtle in it & then just figure I was a bad photographer !!

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