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    "Lighten up, Francis."
    Good use of this Allans_Angel. There are just not enough Sgt. Hulka quotes these day! Well played!

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    Sun Kissed, I believe that is what is being said here. No one cares if you go up for a massage or get lunch. It is the people that put towels and a book on two chairs then go for the glass bottom boat ride, get lunch and show up at 2pm we have a problem with. You are also correct vacation is for vacationing.

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    It's funny that this thread is even still here - I posted to this thread long ago and completely forgot about the topic.

    That's because I'm happy to say that this was never an issue last October.

    I think the additional shade made a big difference.

    & I think everyone who commented agreed - it's perfectly ok to leave your things on your chair while you do just about anything...

    But if you're at ssb at 5:00am to "reserve" a chair, then go back to your room to sleep and show up many, many hours later - you might find your stuff was moved...

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