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    Default Our Wedding at CTI

    My now husband and I were married at CTI on April 14, 2014 and I must say it was the best experience of our lives so far. We were initially planning to have a traditional wedding at home but upon seeing how stressful and overwhelming planning it would be we decided to run off to Jamaica just the 2 of us and it was the best decision we could have made.
    Upon arriving at CTI we were greeted by a team of very friendly and helpful staff and promptly provided cold cloths to and rum punch (wish I could duplicate the punch at home but all attempts have failed!) Our check-in was so quick and our bags whisked up to our room promptly so we could settle in. The following morning we met with our wedding planner to confirm all the little details, this took about 15 minutes as she was so organized and efficient.
    The day of the wedding I went to the spa to have my hair and make-up done with only a vague idea of how I wanted it styled and looking back the spa turned me into a princess, definitely worth the very minimal extra charge. When I arrived at the spa my photographer was already set up and waiting to capture the details. We decided to use the services of Diana Campbell at Digital Memories to photograph our day just to make sure we had as many pictures as possible to remember the day and are so happy we did, the resort photos were wonderful as well but Diana and Richard really went out of their way to ensure we had memories of every little moment. Diana and Richard were so warm and friendly ensuring the perfect photos, they even took us to the Shaw Botanical Gardens after the wedding and it was a better backdrop then I could dream of for the pictures.
    We were married on the beach with the sound of the ocean in the background I have never been as happy and at ease as I was that day, no worries at all as Couples took such good care of everything and made me feel as if they cared as much about my wedding as I did! After the vows it was off the garden gazebo where we had champagne and a beautiful cake with orchids on top to match my bouquet (we chose the Jamaican rum cake and it was to die for). Following a full day of photos (we got a disc with hundreds of them to bring home to share with our family) we had a quick rest then were off to the Monday night beach party which was better than any reception I could have planned at home
    Everything about the resort and our wedding was perfect and I am already planning to have our 1st anniversary at Couples if we can gather the money to do so.
    If you are thinking about a wedding at CTI, stop debating and book it, they won't let you down. Also if you want a lot of photos to bring home check out Diana Campbell (just google her name and Jamaican wedding photography), we also chose to go with the video of the wedding which was mostly for our parents as just the 2 of us went however I have found myself watching it over and over and can now say without a doubt it was worth the extra charge it was so beautifully put together.
    P.S. not wedding related but any visitor to CTI absolutely must try the Bayside restaurant, atmosphere and food are heavenly
    soon to be Mrs. Rogers

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    Congrats,! Another satisfied customer.

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    Getting married in 39 days at CTI - traveling from Wisconsin - worried about traveling with my dress. Any suggestions?? Carry on or don't carry on??

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    I personally took mine carry on..........we have never had a problem with our luggage being lost or abused (knock on wood) but a wedding dress was too big of a risk to take in my books.

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    Congratulations on your marriage! I'm getting married at CTI in January. Do you have pictures of the garden gazebo? My fiancé are looking to get married there, and we're having a hard time finding pictures. Thanks a bunch!

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