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    Default Tropical VS Sunset....

    I was so positive I wanted the sunset package but some of the reviews I have read said it's not worth it in the Ocho Rios area and really better on the Negril side. We're getting married at Tower Isle, but don't have the budget to rent the island but are debating between the other packages. Is the sunset at Tower Isle worth $1000? HELP!

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    I've never stayed there but do know the sunsets at CSA are usually spectacular, not always though. One option is to do the free wedding and I've heard of people getting back or staying in their wedding clothes for sunset pics with a resort photog. Ocho Rios is known more for the lovely sunrises as its on the eastern side and Negril for sunsets. Hopefully someone will respond whose stayed at cti. We've been to CSS and from memory, the sunsets at sunset beach were pretty nice. Not Negril spectacular but nice.
    I should rephrase, I've never stayed at cti. We've stayed at CSS once, CSA 6 times, married in 04 and renewed our vows in April.
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