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    Default Best Penthouse Suite at CSS

    I would love to hear a returning guests recommendation on the penthouse suite at CSS with the best ocean view and just overall opinion on a great room. Thanks in advance!

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    The prime minister suite is a penthouse but is in its own room category and we have unfortunately compared every room we've stayed in afterwards to that one and none can compare. It was pure bliss for a week. The balcony is completely private, whereas a lot of the other penthouse balconies are not all private, as in one end is open to other guests to come right in. We could go au natural out there on the prime minister penthouse balcony 24/7 without worry of anyone seeing us, yet the views are amazing. The prime minister penthouse had two bathrooms, a whirlpool tub, a big huge stand up shower and a separate living room, two tvs, plus the balcony had a big table with four chairs, PLUS two huge loungers. Heaven. Our second choice would be the penthouses in G block, since the balconies are more private as well. Remember though unless you book the prime minister penthouse, all the other penthouses are assigned when you arrive, so you can't reserve any other specific penthouse, it's the luck of the draw. Equally though, we love CSS and even though we've also stayed in rooms with no view at all and disappointing balconies (one bedroom ocean suites D9 and D11) we still loved our stay there.

    P.S. The Prime Minister Penthouse is D13

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    Thanks Rubi!

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    Hi tanfastic! The Penthouse Suites are in Block C-C8 the Pavarotti Suite, D Block you have the Belafonte, Angela Bassett, Steve McQueen and Roger Moore Penthouses. The Steve McQueen PH is D14 and has 1.5 baths a huge blue tiled walk in shower and large balcony--we've stayed in this PH 4 out of our 7 trips! We've stayed in the Roger Moore 1 time, it's PH D20 and the next door neighbor to the Steve McQueen PH and looks out over the main beach and main lawn. The Harry Belafonte and Angela Bassett look out over the Mineral Pool out to sea--totally unobstructed views. Block E has 4 PH suites, they are close to the Balloon Bar and can be a bit noisy, they also have smaller balconies. The Pavarotti PH, C8 is huge! 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but the balcony is small and it has an obstructed view of the main beach.

    BTW, there are no penthouse suites in Block G.

    Have a great trip!

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    We have stayed in 3 of the PH suites in D block and 2 in E block
    We have stayed in 1 BR suites in E, F, & G
    All have been great
    The balconies in D block (ie Angela Basset) are bigger but as Rubi mentioned they are connected to each other with a privacy screen.
    We have never had any problems with that
    Views are great on all of them
    I think the PM suite is amazing but I am not sure if it is worth the extra money
    We don't spend enough time in the room to justify the cost to be honest


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    We will be at CSS in a PH suite in a few weeks. Talk to me about bathrooms. I would choose a jacuzzi tub over a more private balcony any day, but I do love a big balcony (whether private or not).
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013

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    Stacie & Chris, I think the only PH with a jacuzzi tub is the Prime Minister's Suite. It is a separate room category and has quite the premium room rate. All the bathrooms in the beachfront suites have a jacuzzi (Blocks A & B) but the balconies are small. Hope this helps! Have a great trip!

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    Stacie & Chris,

    If you want a jacuzzi tub, you do not want to be in the Penthouses in E block! We stayed in a penthouse in E block two years ago and the bathrooms are TINY! There is a basic bathtub/shower with Shower curtain combo that most people have in their bathrooms at home and one small sink. Nice views and big balconies, but if you're looking for a jacuzzi tub, you will not get it in E block. However, they don't take requests, so you can ask, but you may not get your choice! Good luck, you will have a fabulous time regardless of jacuzzi tub!


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    I've been lucky with requests on check-in (a specific room at CSA and a specific floor and building at CN), but I know it's not guaranteed. I was thinking, based on what everyone has said, that I will request D block, but will be happy with anything except C. (I'm not paying for a PH suite for a tiny balcony and who needs 2 bedrooms?)
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013

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    We are in D27 right now. Awesome room!
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013

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    We have booked a PH suite at CSS for May. Are there any PH suites that have a private balcony and have a great view? We are not really concerned about having a jacuzzi but being able to sip coffee on a private balcony with a nice view of the ocean is a must!! We originally wanted to book the Prime Minister Suite but it was unavailable. (Also sorry if this posted twice, technical difficulties!!!)

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    Don't be misled by thoughts that the suites with a privacy screen aren't private. We stayed in the Angela Basset suite and there is a wide walkway between that and the adjacent penthouse which the privacy screen separates. These suites are not physically connected, and it would need to be a very deliberate act to walk over and peer around the screen to seen your neighbor.

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    This is D-14 the Steve McQueen Suite. As nguc54t says, it would have to be a very deliberate act to peer around the screen.
    However, we did come back to our room one day around 5 PM after being at the beach all day and found 3 of our 4 chairs missing from our table on the balcony. I was about to call the desk to ask them where they went but then I decided to look down at the next suites balcony and sure enough, there were 7 chairs around their table. As you can see from the picture, I didn't have to physically look around the lattice to see the chairs.
    We obviously thought this was pretty rude that they took the liberty to come on to our balcony and help themselves. I then walked down and brought them back and we never saw or heard anyone in that suite for the next two nights. Needless to say, we then made sure to lock the two sets of balcony doors when we left the room, something we didn't think would be necessary being on the top floor.
    This was an isolated instance for sure and D-14 is an amazing room with an incredible view. I hope we can get this room again some day.

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    We've been in the Steve McQueen and Roger Moore PH's. We preferred the Steve McQueen because of the 1.5 bathrooms! The balcony is also a little more private since there are the beautiful palm trees directly in front of your doors. You still have the view though! It just keeps everyone from looking right into your room from the beach like the Roger Moore suite which is the one in all the photo shots. Although I do have to say the tree right outside of the Roger Moore has these tiny parrot like birds that are amazing to watch... Either one is a treat and the privacy screens were perfectly adequate.
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    Last year, we stayed in D-27 (Bellafonte suite). Balcony is exactly like D-14, Steve McQueen (pictured a few posts above), with the lattice screen. Was beautiful, private. Our suite also had 1.5 baths.

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    Any PH suites that have good sun and privacy ?

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