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    Default February First Timers

    Just browsing the Message Board and noticed no-one seems to be going in Feb 2014.

    Can this be true?

    We will be going out from UK 2/5 to 2/14 (notice the nod to US date formats there?!).

    Really looking forward to it having heard such great things about CN.

    Peter and Kate

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    We will be at CN for our 6th straight year February 6 - 16. Sorry to see you will miss the Valentines Day Party (Couple Biggest Holiday)- maybe you can add a day! YOu will have a great time!

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    Thanks for reply. Yes, unfortunately we will be in the air for Valentine's day night - need to get back to UK for Saturday to collect our dogs.

    We are so looking forward to being there - never been in Jamaica or Couples before.

    Peter & Kate

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    We will be staying through Valintine's ( 12-19th) . What activities make it the biggest holiday? This is our second time and had the best vacation !

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    Couples = Valentines!

    They entire resort is decorated, they host a great cocktail party, special dinners, etc.

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    Steve and Judy 6th Trip February 20th - 27th, 2014

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    We will be back for our 8th trip February 6-20, 2014. Must be there for the Valentine's Day. It will be on Lobster night this year......
    I am not high Maintenance, I am deservedly Spoiled!

    Couples Preferred Agent - Here to assist with your booking

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    We are returning home for our 3rd time, Feb 5-15th. Looking forward to Valentine's Day there. Thanks for the posts. Can't wait to get back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rose_dave View Post
    We will be back for our 8th trip February 6-20, 2014. Must be there for the Valentine's Day. It will be on Lobster night this year......
    Back home Feb 7 til 21 see you on Bubbles Dave. Karen & I had Shrek up at the lake for a weekend. Stories to tell Later big guy

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    Default First timers

    Hi all

    We will be arriving Feb 19, for our first time in CN. Can't wait!


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    Going to CN for my second time. Loved it so much the first time I'm bringing my new wife and our best friends Russ and Jo. Will be there Feb 19-Mar 1. See you at the pool bar around 3 for the obligatory Bob Marley and my personal favorite, the Hummingbird....YUM! Going to do a lot of diving and plain old relaxing.

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    We will be coming on 2/15 through 2/27 for our 9th time to Couples. One time to Tower Isle on visit # 7 and 8th time to CN. Love this place. We will here for our 35th anniversary and to see our fantastic friends from the UK that we met 4 years ago and saw 2 years ago at CN. We have met so many great people over the years and continue to see them at CN. Jamaica Soon Come.

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    Default I know you??????

    You sound very familiar

    Gummy bears r us????

    126 days & counting B & L B??????

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    =tt2505;228019] I know you??????

    You sound very familiar

    Gummy bears r us????

    126 days & counting B & L B??????[/QUOTE]

    I believe that you may know us. I believe that we have met on a couple of occasions at CN. We are so looking forward to seeing you again. We have to do the One Love Bus Bar Crawl. We did it last year and a good time was had by all.

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    Well the day has finally come where I can start my double-digit dance. WOO HOO!!!!!! 98 days after today

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    Just returned from CN on 11/5 and now have 97 days to go till we return. Soon Come?

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    95 days to go - Feb21 to Mar3. First time to CN. We did a week at CSA last year. awesome beach!!

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    95 days to go Feb.22nd to March 8th. Second visit to CN (2012) CTI 2006, 2010. Looking forward to my birthday March 1st. Arriving at 2:50 pm on Saturday wondering about Club Mobay?

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    We will be there Jan. 31 thru Feb. 7th......Second visit to CN - Looking forward to it again!

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    Arriving Feb 1st at CN for our 8th trip to Couples. This will be our first time in February though. Last couple trips we were heading home and they were preparing for the Superbowl festivities. NOT THIS TIME!!! We will be there to watch it on the big screen with a Jamaican Rum drink in hand!!!!!! Ya mon!!!!

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    We arrive on the 8th from very cold and snowy Michigan for 10 wonderful days. 6th visit to CN.

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    hi from Manitoba...sandy and jim going to Negril feb 19 also from Winnipeg hope to meet you ! not long now....darn winter......

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    We leave the 19th as well, 2 more days!!!!

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    Hey Sandy and Jim. Who you flying with? There are 4 of us flying Air Canada from Toronto via Edmonton. We will be the excited people!!!! Might get to share the shuttle to paradise

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    We will be arriving on 2/20 and leaving on 3/1 this is our first trip to CN. Looking forward to getting out of the cold North Dakota weather.

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