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    Only 5 days to go. Enjoying balmy -3C weather in Brandon, Mb. today. See you on the 22nd until the 8th. We usually have a Caesar at the bar around 4.

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    Another winter storm rolling through Southern Ont.tonight (3 to 5 " more snow). Friday can not come soon enough !!!!!
    Should be at CN by late afternoon Fri. YAAA!

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    My wife and I just booked our first trip to CN. Will arrive Feb 20 to the 27th. Sounds like a fun place. Looking forward to meeting other couples.

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    We'll be there as first-time AN'ers 1/28-2/4. Would like to get to know some people while we're there.

    Gill and Suzi

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    We will be there Feb 2nd to 16th. Second time for us, first time was over Christmas and New Year. Just wondering what treats we can expect, apart from the usual excellence. Can't wait.
    We are traveling from Yorkshire, England.

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    Diane, you will love the romance of Valentines at CN. Last year they had special events ALL day long. The resort was decorated all up. Every day the staff makes you feel special but they kicked it up a notch for valentines day. And the regulars make the most of the day with decorations. Bring pink or red! Expect extra amazing meals and chocolates.
    Lisa & Brian

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    Hi all. Kevin and Becky from the UK. Trip #26 toCN from 25th jan for 12 nights for superbowl weekend (oh and Becky's birthday). Actually heading down in 4 weeks to meet up with the usual nov/dec bunch too. Avoiding most of the British winter this year. Looking forward to seeing our Jamaican family and meeting some new friends.

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    We'll be there 1st to 7th Feb before transferring to CSA. We are Dawn and Roger from the UK. This will be our 3rd trip to CN and our 8th to Couples (it will be a long time till we catch you up, Kevin and Becky!). Looking forward to missing some of the English winter, making new friends and meeting old ones.

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    Feb is the best time of the year to go! It will be full, but never feels crowded

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    Will be there from 28th January for 7 nights. Happy to be there for Superbowl Sunday this time as had to leave half way through the day last year..

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