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    Weather can be so different from day to day, but if I use last November's trip as a gauge, I just wanted something more than short sleeves on ONE night only in 8 days.

    I brought with us four or five composition notebooks, some pencils, erasers, and folders last year. We got on very well with one particular housekeeper, and so we gave all the school supplies to her for her three kids. She was beyond thankful, and I had to write a note for her to give to her supervisor stating I was indeed giving her school supplies and put specifics on it so she wouldn't get in trouble. I don't think a candy bar would get them in trouble without a note, but you never know...

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    We have never spent Christmas and New Years, this will be a first over the holidays. I will say this, in December at CTI the week before Christmas is decorated nicely with lights around all the palm trees, Christmas trees throughout the general public areas of the hotel, gingerbread houses and poinsettias as well. At CSS after New Year, the Christmas trees were still up but they started taking the decorations down, we got married on Jan 3rd (arrived on Jan 2nd) and by then most of the Christmas remnants were already gone. I have read on the forums that the resorts go all out for the holiday dinners, so I am really looking forward to Christmas/New Years in JA this year!!!!

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    Thank you everyone for the feedback! We're leaving in three weeks and I'm still keeping an eye on the Trip-Advisor reviews, but I'm feeling much better. Ultimately, there are so many more positive things said about the resort than negative that I think it will come down to our attitude overall. If we want to find the negative - I'm sure we can. But if we've got a positive outlook then ultimately our vacation will reflect that.

    One final question for anyone who can help. We will be vacationing for 9 days, when I take out two for our arrival and departure, we'll have 7 full days at the resort. We both want to leave the resort to do a little exploring and we have three excursions in mind. The first question - is three excursions too many to fit into a seven day trip? We're trying to find the fun/relaxing balance.
    Second question - has anyone done any of these excursions and if so, would you recommend them or not? Or are there others that we should consider instead?
    1. Blue Mountain Bicycle tour (this was purchased for us off our honeymoon gift registry)
    2. Nine Mile, or Bob Marley, tour
    3. River Tubing - three miles down the white river

    We also plan to do Dunn's River Falls, which I know is included in the resort cost. I really appreciate any insight!

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    We've been to both CSS and CSA. I tell my friends, if I was going to get married in Jamaica, I would go to CSS. If I was just going on a honeymoon, I would go to CSA. CSA has a much nicer beach, but CSS is a dream for all the beauty there. I wouldn't worry.

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