I know we're still four months off our special holiday over the festive season but we're already really excited!

To those of you who have excperienced a similar holiday previous years, please can you advise on the Christmas/New Year festivities. Does everyone dress up more than usual? Should we bring little gifts for members of staff? Do the resorts have special menues etc. We've been to Negril a couple of times (not for New Year) and are so looking forward to going back - and spending time at Sans Souci.

It's my husbands 70th birthday on 23rd December and as part of his birthday present, I'm thinking of splashing out on a flight transfer from Sans Souci to Negril on 28th December to avoid the 3 hour plus journey. Has anyone done this and do you think it's good value (about 525 for both of us at the moment).

Huge thanks in advance for your comments