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    Default What to wear on plane?

    Hello everyone! We are getting married in just 11 days and will be on our way to CSS the next morning!! We could not be more excited

    I'm just wondering what everyone wears on the plane ride? Layers I'm guessing! I was thinking about wearing shorts, tee shirt, long sleeve wrap to keep warm, and slip on shoes. I figure I can take the wrap off once we get there...

    Any different suggestions? I haven't been on a plane in 15 years so I'm clueless!



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    First off - congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We usually go with zip-offs and t-shirts with a windbreaker. That way when we get to Jamaica we can shed the legs and windbreaker and be in shorts and t-shirt. You're going to love CSS! We can't wait to go back in April!!!

    Enjoy the honeymoon!

    Bart & Bug

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    A sweat shirt and either shorts or jeans - depending on how cold it is at your beginning flight. We fly in December and usually still wear shorts and a sweat shirt and pray the shuttle picks up soon. The minute you walk outside in JA you want as few cloths on as possible.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I also carry a pair of socks in my carry on/purse. That way if my feet get cold, I'll have something to keep them warm.
    Heather and Tim

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    Well, living in Texas, I'll be in shorts and a t-shirt when I get on the plane in Dallas!

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    If the slip-on shoes are open toed (flipflops or sandles) put a pair of warm socks in your carry-on. Otherwise your feet will get freezing (at least mine do).

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    Congrats! Definately socks, and a sweater (if you tend to get cold easy). I personally think that jeans are quite uncomfortable when flying, so shorts/skirt is ideal. If sweats, have a pair of shorts to put on upon arrival.

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    Bathing suit, flip-flops, t-shirt.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    whatever you feel like but definitely be able to get down to a tshirt and shorts! i know it sounds crazy but i am going to pack a tshirt, shorts and flip flops in our carry on for each of us to change into once we get off the plane....just pop into the bathroom......kind of like superman....once you change you will feel like you are on vacation mon!

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    bobndeanne, We did that last year when we went. We leave out of Minneapolis in the early morning so it is really cold. So, we wore jeans on the plane, and as soon as we hit the lounge I changed. (I think hubby waited). That kept me comfortable on the plane where I am always cold, and cool enough on the trip to the resort.

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    We buck it up and put on our t shirts, shorts and flip flops... it's only cold for a few minutes from the car to the shuttle to the airport, then just a few steps from the shuttle into the airport, then it's smooth sailing! Gets us in the Jamaiaca frame of mind early. We've never gotten cold on the plane, not enough to need anymore clothes. We do the same on the way back. Wear our t shirts/shorts/flip flops back to the airport and I keep two sweatsuits in the car. So we get back to the car and do a quick change there for the drive home. Works just fine.

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