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    Howdy all! We will be at CSS 8/21-8/28 and then heading to CN for a week and our wedding! We wanted to see who else will be there at the same time...
    -Annaleis & Neil (It should be 2cats2dogs)

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    I was wondering when someone would start an August 2014 thread. We will miss you....but you will get plenty of posts from fellow August travelers on here.

    7/31-8/9 Nick&Nora, Dan and Megan, Texas, 5th visit

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    I'll jump on board- my wife and I will be celebrating our 27th anniv and 4th trip to Jamaica- this will be our first trip to CSS, really stoked to experience the resort on the "other side" for a change. We arrive 8/29 and stay till 9/6. mike

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    Looks like there will be lots of space on both beaches and zero trouble with any dinner reservation! Come on folks....who's going in August???? There has to be more!

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    We are going to be there 8/9 thur8/16. this will be our second trip and we are so ready for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would like to know if anyone else will be there during this time! Hope so !

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    Just booked 8-27 through 9-3. First visit to CSS, and my wife's first visit to Jamaica. (I went to Runaway Bay 8 years ago). Looking forward to introducing her to Jamaicas version of laid back.

    Tim and Jane

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    August Roll Call

    7/31-8/9 Nick&Nora, (Dan and Megan), Texas, 5th visit
    8/9-8/16 Babs, 2nd visit
    8/21-8/28 2cats1dog
    8/29-9/6 Mike&Silvia, 4th trip to Jamaica, 1st visit to CSS

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