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    Default 40 + Folks - Sunglass "Readers"

    Okay so if you're 40+ odds are you need some reading glasses.
    So many choices these days.
    Full Sunglass Readers v. Sunglasses w/ a bifocal (reader).

    I was frustrated last trip that although I had remembered to bring my readers, (good) but out on the beach it's way too bright (bad). Not old enough yet to do the big wear over your glasses sunglasses thing (as seen on TV).

    I'm leaning toward the sunglasses w/ the bifocal, so I don't need to be bringing a separate pair for just enjoying the scenery...Any opinions on this type -?

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    I've got a pair, used them once or twice, didn't care for it, they're in the junk drawer now.

    I just tend to wear my readers either over or under my sunglasses.

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    I am a 50+ and have just recently gone to using "cheaters" for computer work and reading.

    If I keep my readers on and then try to walk around it's as if I had too many Planter's Punches. I used the sun glasses with the bifocals and they worked great. Especially when we were walking around the beach, swimming, running to the bar..... didn't have to have multiple sunglasses with me.

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    I love my Maui Jim prescription progressive (like bifocal without the line) sunglasses. They cost a fortune, even with insurance, but they were worth it. I think anything less would be an inconvenience to me. My optometrist, who I went to school with, deals with Costa and Maui Jim and they feel the optics are better with the Maui Jim products.

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    I need reading glasses. I have a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses with the readers. I LOVE THEM. I wear them all the time. They are pricey but if you take good care of them, will last forever. I bought them online. I actually found a nice looking pair of sunglasses with the readers in the spring for my husband at Walmart for $20. He just uses them on the beach or in the pool if he wants to read.

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    Maui Jim's with the built in bifocal.

    I have a couple of pairs. I leave one pair in Florida and I have one pair in Illinois. They are awesome.

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    I have just run into this recently. I went with the sunglass readers. They have worked out great!

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    Bring more than one pair. my husband's broke and they do no sell them on the resort. we didn't buy anything fancy for sunglass readers, but they were a necessity to read while sitting outside.

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    I have 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses that have the no line bifocal lens .... They are GREAT for the beach & take both pairs when we go so in case 1 pair gets lost or broken. I also take a cheap pair of sunglasses to use for volleyball or something like that, though. I also love having the prescription sunglasses for driving .... I couldn't see my phone or GPS or drive thru menu without them. About choked me to have to pay almost $600 a pair (no vision insurance) for them but money well spent & I use them every single day.

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    Another company that makes some fun "sunreaders" (sunglasses with a bifocal lens) is a company called Eyebobs. Easy to order online and less expensive than prescription glasses. Here is the link for the sunreaders (the home page is:

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    Been using sunglass bifocals for trips south for the last couple of years... love them!

    Picked up a two-pack at Costco (Canada), branded under the Coppertone name for about $15. They come in two styles, one more of a traditional "aviator" style, and the other more of a modern "oakley" style.

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    I used a different approach. I bought a Kobo reader and use the large font. I don't need my glasses and can read just fine.

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    Do the Maui Jims come in cheaters or just prescription?

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    Thanks everyone for their respective input.
    I'm leaning towards the Bifocal sunglasses...I'll advise on what I decide, but certainly will bring additional "drug store readers" along.

    Thanks again

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    if you have one of your old pair, and a vision4less near you, they will tint then for about $15....that is a godsend for me, as i too, need the sunglasses in sun, but still need my bifocals....

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    The Maui Jim's come as cheaters. About $200, but they are their standard high quality lenses.

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    I have progressive transition lenses, prescription lower for reading upper for long distance, I love the fact they go dark in the sun than lighten indoors as when I had two pair of glasses I was always mis placing one or the other.

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    I bought a couple of sunglass readers from our local Dollar Tree store. They only cost $1.00/pair and look great, too!

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    I found a website - Reading Glasses: All styles under $20 - BBB Accredited - they have sunglass readers with and without the bifocals. They are reasonable and offer free shipping if you spend over $30.
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    Thanks Yazmon. Will have to find myself some up here in Canada.

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    I also have progressive transition lenses that I use in Jamaica. However, I recently heard that they have no UVA/UVB protection! That is a big problem, I think. I have not confirmed that yet,

    Quote Originally Posted by columbo View Post
    I have progressive transition lenses, prescription lower for reading upper for long distance, I love the fact they go dark in the sun than lighten indoors as when I had two pair of glasses I was always mis placing one or the other.

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    Well, I guess I should have done the research before I posted about the transitions lenses. Apparently, they block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays.

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    I bought a pair of the Coppertone readers with the bifocal that look like Oakleys and don't like them because I have to look down really far to read. I prefer to have 2 sets of sunglasses, one regular and one for reading.

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    I have a pair of progressive bifocals, mostly for reading, that are treated to turn dark in the sun. Got them at Walmart for abou %150.00.

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