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    I am an avid hacker...not good at golf but I really like it. Once in awhile I can break 100! We will be at CSS from 12/12-19 and would like to try island golf. Warning, if you are a very "competitive" golfer, I am not a good match. I really go for fun. Is there anyone else looking to build a team during that time. If I go, I will just rent some clubs...I need about 4 of them.

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    My hubby is interested in playing while we are there as well. We will be there from 12/11-12/20. He plays fairly regularly but is not competitive by any nature and just loves the game. He plans on renting clubs there but will be bringing shoes, tees and lots of balls.....LOL

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    Here is a link with pictures of the course you will play and a short review.
    Irie Mon

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    Default bobndeanne

    Sounds like a plan. My wife might want to go for the trip...she can drive the cart. She may just want to rest...we'll see. We leave from SW Missouri at "really early" on the 12th, be there by 2 (I hope). Here is my home e-mail, if you like, drop us a note and we can make a plan to meet & find a time.


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