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    Default ?? Sunscreen that does not stain clothing

    Last year my husband and I used Coppertone Sport spray sunscreen (no bronzer in it at all). I had a white cover-up and now it has light yellowish-brown stains on it. I also have a pair of white shorts that ended up staining the same way. Is there any other sunscreen that does not do this? Do they all do this or just the particular brand we chose to use? Any suggestions would be great!!


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    We have always used Coppertone Sport but not the spray and it has never stained our clothes and I have several white cover-ups and my husband often wears a white shirt whith his swim trunks to lunch.

    I tried the spray at home for working in the yard and didn't care for it as well as I liked the regular old fashioned type of lotion.

    The Coppertone Sport is a great sunscreen as it doesn't come off in the water and isn't greasy so you might try the lotion.

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    I think they might all do this but hopefully someone has some input. Hubby's white tank top turned out the same way.
    Kevin & Angie

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    I've noticed the staining on my coverup also. It sees to come out if you soak and prewash the item with ERA.

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    We have been using Banana Boat Sport for years and have never had a problem with staining. Also, to us it has an added benifit ! It seems that some of the scent stays with the clothing for some time, and everytime we wear that particular item again, whether it is summer , fall, etc. , we think of Couples !

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    Bullfrog. Let it dry before you put clothes over it. Won't stain.

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    We have used Banana Boat Sport for a few years for both the beach and bicycling. It has never stained anything. Plus we just love the scent, reminds us of "home".

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    Thank you for all your help!!!! I'm going to go but some Banana Boat and see how it works for us this time around.

    Thans again,

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    Default Soap with built-in sunscreen

    Ever since I found this company do I rarely use sunscreen lotion. It doesn't stain my clothes or my tank tops. Check it out, best thing I've seen out there!

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    I use bullfrog and it stained my bathing suit that had white trim. Also other white t-shirts and cover-ups were stained. looking for a good spf 30-50+ that doesn't stain and isn't greasy.

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    We have always used Coppertone Sport but not the spray and never had problems...we've been to Jamaica 15 times and I think it's all we've ever used. Maybe there is something in the spray stuff that's causing the staining? The sport version is not greasy at all either and must stay on very nicely even in the water as we often never reapply after putting it on in the morning and if we do we only do it once usually after lunch. We've found the trick is to put it on in the room when we get up before we go to breakfast as they say to do...I think they recommend 30-60 minutes before sun exposure or something. We then eat and hit the beach and have never had trouble with sunburns or staining of clothing and I have several white cover-ups and hubby wears white t-shirts or tanks.

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    We've used Australian Gold for years and have never had a problem.

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    I agree with sherrynchuck. We use Coppertone Sport SPF 30, apply in the morning and maybe once more in the afternoon. It really is a great sunblock, doesn't stain, seems to be very water resistant and is easy to apply.

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    Neutrogena works best and no stains
    Erika & Sean

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    Default Sunscreen stains

    I too have had a problem with sunscreens staining my clothes and after much research have found that sunscreens that contain avobenzone are the culprit. Whatever that ingredient is has a reaction to certain skin chemicals and well water and produces an organish-brown stain that will not come out. Finding a sunscreen that doesn't contain avobenzone is hard, but I think Blue Lizard and a generic brand from the Dollar Stores are two that don't have it. Hope this helps.

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    I used Neutrogena Sport (silver tube) SPF 70 last trip and my white bikinis and coverup stained yellow around the edges. Although I don't think I'll switch brands because I have sensitive skin and don't break out using this sunscreen, unlike many others I've tried over the years.

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    Found the comment on the avobenzene interesting so I did a little reading, here is a link to what I think has the most information in one place

    Probably explains why we've all had good or bad luck with the same products, we have different water. I did find one other site that was interesting. Admittedly it was just a random woman but she did her own testing on a variety of sunscreens on clothes and she happened to have the worst stains with the spray sunscreens.

    I do think that this avobenzene, by whatever name it is listed on your bottle, seems an important ingredient if you really want to bother with sunscreen. And the tip toward the end about putting it on and letting it "dry" seemed to make sense, less chance of it getting on your clothes. The coppertone sport is not greasy and we've always put it on right when we get up in the morning and I'm betting we don't put on our cover-up clothes for a bit just as a fluke so that's why it's working for us. If you have a white swim suit then I guess you are gonna have to run around nekkid for a while...whatever brand you choose.

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