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    Default Anybody at CN right now?

    Is anybody at CN right now? I think about CN every day and cannot wait until we go back (it's only been 3 months and feels like an eternity since we've been there). Is there anyway of posting videos on here of what you're seeing right now? It's the only place that I have been that I have felt truely at home and comfortable. When I'm having a a bad day, it's pictures of CN that I go look at and dream that I'm back there. I'm not sure when the next time will be that my hubby and I will go, but I can tell you it's not soon enough. Thanks everybody!

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    Im not there right now but I know how you feel! Probably TMI but when I was in all natural (un medicated) labor the ONLY thing that got me through it was visualizing being back at CN. Counting down the days until April 2014!!!

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    My (soon to be!) husband and I will be there on Monday! If i find time to post something for you, I will! When I needed to pass time throughout the last few months I would look at all of the pictures on Trip Advisor

    I keep seeing people say that they miss it as soon as they get home. I am not looking forward to that...

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    We are here now but have to leave tomorrow.

    Even though we arrived last Saturday in the middle of a thunderstorm and it continued for the next 3 days...we still had fun. The next 3 days have been wonderful. I even did the "Trading Places" and went to check out CSA but knew within minutes that CN was what we wanted. This was our 3rd year here and we are already booked for next September.

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