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    I am starting to plan our vow renewal and I don't want the same old simple ceremony...I want extras such as a soloist, extra flowers, an upgraded bouquet, doves or butterflies be released, a candle or sand ceremony...any of the above or all but the point is I want something more than a procession a few words from a minister a song and done. Is the wedding coordinator on staff capable or willing to work with these requests or should I hire an outside coordinator?

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    They are very good and will work with you. Not sure they can do doves or butterflies but ive read about people doing sand ceremonies. You will meet with them when you arrive . They do hundreds of wedding a year .

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    They have alot of options you can choose from. My wife upgraded the bouquet but not alot else since this was a 30th Anniversary Vow Renewal. One thing we did see while we were there was a wedding party went back to the beach at dark and lit those lanterns that fly away. It was really cool. We were just watching taking pics and they invited us to join them. They did bring these in with them and after talking to them it was pretty inexpensive to do it like this. The coordinators there were really helpful and I would think they would be more than adequate for a wedding there. If I were you, I would be considering a photographer other than the onsite staff. There work is not that great and the color in their images is average at best.(bought a few images that were took during the week from them) We used Stacey Clarke for our ceremony and she did a great job. (we are wedding photographers here in Houston so this was important to us and we do not criticize others work lightly.)

    Upgraded Bouquet (pic I took before the ceremony)
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    A little different view of the bouquet.
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    The Lantern Lighting one night.
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