First time to CSA-5th time to Couples

Flight From Des Moines to Atlanta, quick layover then Montego Bay. We had never taken this flight before and were nervous about the short layover but the planes were in adjoining terminals and we walked-no troubles. great flights.

Airport-we had only carryons so just the customs/immigration and to the lounge. it was great-maybe 10 minutes in line. Wednesday is way better than friday for flying in! 2 beers and some chit chat then to the bus.

Bus ride was fine. The driver was funny and nice and we met some nice couples-it went very fast. 1 stop. There was some road work but it didn't seem to hold the trip up much and it took less than 1.5 hrs (the trip back was way worse).

Check in was quick and efficient. They have a good system and we were in our Beachfront Verandah Suite in no time. Rm 4122 which was perfect for us. truly 'on the beach'. Very close to the open pool and main restaurant. Gorgeous view - absolutely no privacy on the balcony since we were on the main walk. We made the adjustment. We loved it and would totally go beachfront again. Since we were only going for a short trip, we decided to splurge on the room. Totally worth it for the location and view. Room was fine-nothing special but the bed was comfy and the room was clean. AC worked well.

Food-there wasn't one thing we tried we didn't like and I am very picky. We ate at Lemongrass (excellent food and service but no AC - very hot) and Patios Patio and loved them both. Beach party was moved inside because of lightening which was a shame because it was so hot. But the food was excellent. We did not try feathers (limited time) and the Palms was closed.

Service was supreme here. We didn't meet an employee that wasn't pleasant and helpful, beyond our expectations. All went out of their way-one sang happy birthday to me.

Beach was gorgeous and huge. I didn't think you could top CN but I think this did. Except no AN area which is a future deal breaker for us. Plenty of chairs as the resort was not full. Palapas go early and we loved sitting on our verandah watching people claim them as early as 6:15!!! There is lots of shade but it shifts constantly so we moved our chairs alot-no big deal for us. We don't like the palapas-no air movement.

Check out kind of sucked. The system was ok once it got going and I don't have a better idea but 30 couples and 60+ pieces of luggage sitting in the drive does not make a smooth process. The ride back was slow-lots of construction in process. Flights back were great but immigration in Memphis has changed, and not for the better. We nearly missed our connection.

To sum it up-we loved this resort. We don't have a single complaint. We would recommend it to anyone. If you can't have fun here, you can't have fun anywhere. We may go back someday but our favorite is still CN because of all it offers PLUS a great nude beach. 65 days till we are lucky enough to go there and have another fantastic vacation.

Thanks to all the employees of CSA and kind guests we met that made our stay special and fun.